As I was driving to take my son to school this morning I got busy thinking about things that are weighing heavy on my heart. I try to pretend these things don't bother me but it's not true at all. I'm human, I have a lot of emotions and feelings that run through my body and mind on a daily basis. I try to be strong and focus on the happy side of everything, try not to burden people with my feelings because I know everyone is going through stuff and usually it is worse than what I'm going through. This quote really hit me today so instead of focusing on the negative I'm going to focus on what's RIGHT in my life like the fact that I have an amazing fiancée and a wonderful son, who's about to turn 11. I have two amazing parents who have shown me what a true, loving marriage is and that marriages DO last.I have a wonderful brother and sister in law and the BEST best friend. I have two houses to call home. I have warm clothes to wear when it's cold outside. Warm meals on my table every day. I have adorable pets. A car to drive. The ability to change things I do not like. And a God who loves me unconditionally and forgives me, even when I don't ask for forgiveness. So while I'm human and do have crazy emotions, I do have an amazing life :)The kind of life some people would die for. I'm rich and blessed though and that's what's important.

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