Out With The Old...A re-cap May-August.

May was Mother's Day and my buddy's last days in elementary school. It was my favorite time of year because we started spending lots of time outside in the sunshine! We started riding around with the top off the Jeep, blasting Jimmy Buffet from the speakers. soaking up the sunshine outside starting my wedding planning. My favorite flowers {Peonies} started blooming and my mom bought me 2 bushes for my house. We started enjoying hammock time. My buddy graduated elementary school. And we celebrated Mother's Day. Favorite facebook post of May May 18 My son just told me I like a teenage girl. When asked how he said " because you're always texting." I'm not even sure how to respond to that. June Nothing much happened in June except a lot of pool time and Father's Day, which I have no pictures of. And this happened. My honey broke two corkscrews trying to get into my wine. He finally used the drill. Favorite Facebook post of June Listening to a song and Dylan asks "did he just say he smells like Charlie Sheen?" Ummm, I'm pretty sure it did not say that. OR this one Laughing my butt off at the story my kid is telling my parents about my childhood. He swears He over heard me telling Alex that I snuck out of the house one night and went to a Braves game with my friends then we went I a Nascar race. At the Nascar race there was a guy who had a ketchup bottle and spilled it all over himself. We then snuck off to the beach that night, too. He swears I just told him this last night. July was busy. There was the 4th of July, Vacation in PCB, my brother's birthday, our family from Illinois came down & my buddy got glasses. Favorite Facebook post of July july 29 Once upon a time there was a princess who was craving chicken nachos very much so her fiancée disappeared to the grocery store. When he came home he had ingredients for the most magical & delicious nachos ever. He whipped up a batch and made her the happiest princess ever. Today the prince is at work but the princess made her own batch of very delicious chicken nachos. I love chicken nachos. Thanks babe for showing me how to make them better than any Mexican restaurant. August was back to school time. Sixth grade for my buddy. I got a make over courtesy of Aloette make up and skin care products and my honey's Dad had surgery to remove cancer. Praise the Lord it went well and his Dad is back to his usual self! Oh-this happened. I took all of the dogs and my buddy for a ride in the car. Fun times and as it would turn out it was the last car ride I took with my Duke. I also got my car back after wrecking it and finding out it would not be totaled. My favorite Facebook post of August August 28 Mom: what's that? me: it looks like Bruce Jenner and hulk hogan's love child! Mom: or maybe it's Bruce Jenner's transformation. OR August 21 My son just told me to "go take a selfie or something productive". Umm, yeah I kinda am. I'm sitting in the dr's office with you! That brings us up to August. Stay tuned. September-December still to come.

Out With The Old...A re-cap January-April.

It's that time again, y'all. Time for a new year. A blank slate, a chance to start a new and i'm so ready. 2014 had its highs and lows but we survived. January we celebrated my soon to be father in law's, my mom's and my son's birthdays. That's a lot of celebrating precious lives that mean to much to us. My soon to be FIL is pretty low key so we just took him a present and spent a little time with him. He was happy. My son wanted a dance party with a DJ and the whole nine yards. Thanks to my mom and dad's help we were able to pull it together and give him the best party he's ever had. My mom never has a party but this year my Dad surprised her by throwing her a surprise party at her Uncle's house. It was a small party with the closest family but it was wonderful. Absolutely perfect. Oh and major kudos to my Dad for throwing it together on the same night as my son's. On January 28 (my son's birthday)-my fiance got stuck on I-285 for 21 hours in SnowJam2014. Luckily Dylan and I were at my parent's house with them and my Grandma because I would have been even more of a nervous wreck than I was. I slept only a few hours that night, off and on, worrying sick about him. Of course he was fine. When he finally made it to my parent's house he showered, ate a chicken salad sandwich then fell asleep for a few hours. It was one of the least fun nights of our lives. The next day we were able to enjoy the snow. January 29, 2014 Praise The Lord! Alex is almost at Chapel Hill Rd. I'm going to make that love of mine some chicken salad and wait for him to get here! My Favorite Facebook post from January january 8 I don't know how but we made it to school on time this morning. I knew Dylan wasn't going to be easy to get up this morning but his reason why was quiet hilarious. He said to me, " mom, I couldn't sleep last night because the cat was purring in his sleep all night and Duke was farting and snoring and at 3 this morning the cat was head butting me." February we celebrated mine, my soon to be mother in law's, my grandma's and my fiance's birthdays and Valentine's Day. For my soon to be MIL's birthday we visited her and took her a present. february 1 Let the February celebrations begin! Happy birthday to a wonderful lady today! The lady who brought the love of my life into this world. Happy Birthday to my future Mother in Law! For my birthday we were iced in again at my parent's house so my mom cooked me a delicious meal and we celebrated low key. The best part of the day were the voice mails I got from my brother & sister in law, uncle and soon to be in laws all singing various tunes of Happy Birthday. That made my day so much that I saved those messages and when I needed a laugh i'd listen to them again. Sadly I lost them when I up-graded my iPhone. Since my birthday is two days before Valentine's Day and I care nothing about being out in the crowds on Valentine's Day, waiting hours on a table and paying double for food we celebrate those things together. I did get this beautiful ring for Valentine's Day. My honey's birthday is February 24th. This year he took the day off work and we went to lunch together. Not only that, we went to our first movie together. 13 years of being friends and a year of dating is all it took. february 24 Happy Birthday to my best friend, my fiancé and the best dad any kid could ask for. We love you Alex. My favorite Facebook post of February February 11 Watching survivor Man with Alex when he says to me "your idea of roughing it is dirty sheets." Yeah, pretty much. March was pretty un-eventful. We get a break from birthdays. The weather got nice enough to take the top off the car and cruise around and it was nice enough to lay in the hammock and read. I started finding 4-leaf clovers like crazy. About 30 by the time it was a ll said and done. We had fun , random times at my mom and dad's because family dinners are never dull. April we re-painted our living room and I am still in love with it 8 months later. We also went to opening day of the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Every year we go on opening day and again several times while it's here. Flowers in my yard were in full bloom and spring time was in the air. This always makes me happy. AND We celebrated Easter. And I leave you with my favorite Facebook post from April April 30 Playing heads up with the family. The subject was animals specifically llama. As a hint I told Alex "is your mama a ---." His response "a hoe." Then dylan's subject was animal, specifically human. Someone said "we are..." Dylan said "south Douglas" As my Dad points out in the comments Not just a hoe but a "spitting" hoe!!! That's the first part of 2014. more to come!!

Christmas Re-Cap

A month! That's how long it's been since my last post but yes I have been that busy. After the Thanksgiving celebrations came my Dad's birthday then my mom had surgery then there was shopping and Christmas cooking to be done. It all kept me on my toes but honestly I enjoyed every minute of it. In the end it was nice to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends. It ended with my honey having a full week off work, which is un-heard of so after Christmas we spent a lot of time with our son, sitting in front of the t.v. eating way too much junk food and take out, playing far too many video games and watching a couple movies. It was one of the best Christmases I've had, except for last Christmas when my honey proposed. Our festivities started off on the 13th with an Ugly Sweater party and our friend's Marc & Katie's. I ran to every thrift shop in town trying to find us ugly sweaters b/c paying $20 a piece at Target wasn't on my to do list. I came up with nothing so the creative juices started flowing and I made all 3 of us sweaters for $30. I'd say they are all a win (or lose, as the case may be). Mine even came complete with a tu-tu. Then my sweet loves and I made Gingerbread houses. This has been a tradition with Dylan since he was about 3. He's 11 now so that's 8 years of us doing this together. Then there was our family Christmas with my Dad's side on Dec. 21st. Some of the cousins. That was followed by Christmas with my brother in sister in law. My sister in law is a pharmacist in a hospital and had to work Christmas Day so we celebrated with them early. This might be my favorite picture from Christmas. My cat came through the windown screaming at us while we were opening presents. I think he's saying "What? You started Christmas without me?" Next up was the 23rd. Also known as our engagement anniversary. We had plans with my future Sister in Law and nephews to go look at Christmas lights then come home and start our cooking for Christmas Eve dinner with that side of the family but a giant storm de-railed those plans. Instead we just hung out in our house and stayed dry. The girls cooked while the boys gamed. Sadly this is the only pic I have from that night. Are you tired of pictures yet? Good! Let's keep going! Christmas Eve was next. My honey's family always does their celebration that night so that Christmas Day we're not all running around like crazy. It's so nice to be able to spend quality time with each side of the family. Christmas Eve we spent the night at my parent's house so there was no rushing around in the morning. It was amazing. We have a tradition of getting pajamas every Christmas Eve. This year the girls got some too. By girls I mean dogs but how cute are they?! Christmas morning. Bella was all up in her boy's business. She was laying in the midst of him and all his presents, which was so sweet. At one point she even put her paw on a gift as if to say "open this one now." {Bella's backstory-she was Dylan's Christmas gift about 8 years ago. She adores her boy.} Christmas night we had dinner and presents with my mom's side of the family. Cousins on this side of the family and my brother and son's shenanigans. We ended the night playing heads up. Oh what fun! There were many laughs. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. I'm sorry for the picture over load. 2015 i'll be better about posting more often.