Out With The Old...A re-cap May-August.

May was Mother's Day and my buddy's last days in elementary school. It was my favorite time of year because we started spending lots of time outside in the sunshine! We started riding around with the top off the Jeep, blasting Jimmy Buffet from the speakers. soaking up the sunshine outside starting my wedding planning. My favorite flowers {Peonies} started blooming and my mom bought me 2 bushes for my house. We started enjoying hammock time. My buddy graduated elementary school. And we celebrated Mother's Day. Favorite facebook post of May May 18 My son just told me I like a teenage girl. When asked how he said " because you're always texting." I'm not even sure how to respond to that. June Nothing much happened in June except a lot of pool time and Father's Day, which I have no pictures of. And this happened. My honey broke two corkscrews trying to get into my wine. He finally used the drill. Favorite Facebook post of June Listening to a song and Dylan asks "did he just say he smells like Charlie Sheen?" Ummm, I'm pretty sure it did not say that. OR this one Laughing my butt off at the story my kid is telling my parents about my childhood. He swears He over heard me telling Alex that I snuck out of the house one night and went to a Braves game with my friends then we went I a Nascar race. At the Nascar race there was a guy who had a ketchup bottle and spilled it all over himself. We then snuck off to the beach that night, too. He swears I just told him this last night. July was busy. There was the 4th of July, Vacation in PCB, my brother's birthday, our family from Illinois came down & my buddy got glasses. Favorite Facebook post of July july 29 Once upon a time there was a princess who was craving chicken nachos very much so her fiancée disappeared to the grocery store. When he came home he had ingredients for the most magical & delicious nachos ever. He whipped up a batch and made her the happiest princess ever. Today the prince is at work but the princess made her own batch of very delicious chicken nachos. I love chicken nachos. Thanks babe for showing me how to make them better than any Mexican restaurant. August was back to school time. Sixth grade for my buddy. I got a make over courtesy of Aloette make up and skin care products and my honey's Dad had surgery to remove cancer. Praise the Lord it went well and his Dad is back to his usual self! Oh-this happened. I took all of the dogs and my buddy for a ride in the car. Fun times and as it would turn out it was the last car ride I took with my Duke. I also got my car back after wrecking it and finding out it would not be totaled. My favorite Facebook post of August August 28 Mom: what's that? me: it looks like Bruce Jenner and hulk hogan's love child! Mom: or maybe it's Bruce Jenner's transformation. OR August 21 My son just told me to "go take a selfie or something productive". Umm, yeah I kinda am. I'm sitting in the dr's office with you! That brings us up to August. Stay tuned. September-December still to come.

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