Out With The Old...A re-cap with September & Otcober.

Septmeber We spent more time soaking up the sunshine, one day my Mom, Me and her sweetest friend Michelle spent the day in downtown Newnan shopping at boutiques and enjoying girl time, my buddy had his first and only band performace and we celebrated our cousin, Emily's, 6th Birthday! septmeber 5 I had a wonderful, fun girls day in Newman with my mom and Michelle. Ate sushi, went to a store called Everything Toffee, came home with lots of new goodies. It's definitely a happy Friday! I discovered these evil but delicious M&Ms. Last year Target was the only place that sold them around here, this year, too apparently but last year I could never find them. This year I stocked up. On our way to my buddy's one and only band performance. He quickly decided school band wasn't his cup of tea. As a matter of fact, that's his please don't make me do this face. I got my iPhone 6, which was more of a need than a want because my 4 decided to randomly call and facetime people. september 19 I got a new iPhone! I got a new iPhone! Hey! Hey! Hey! I was nominated by me sweet friend, Donna for the pretty face challenge where I posted 5 pics that I felt most beautiful in. My cousin, Emily's, birthday party. We even got Grandma in the bouncy house. september 25 this is probably the last picture I took of our Duke. He passed away from cancer just a few days later. We love that boy. september 27 What! You don't wear noise canceling shooting ear phones to dinner? We only do when Tomorrow World is going on. september 29 I obviously had to celebrate National Coffee Day! Favorite Facebook post of September september 11 I got this sweet message from my aunt today. It made me smile and made my heart happy. Thank you aunt Melody. I luv u! september 23 This kid of mine. He always keeps me laughing. Today on the way home from school we were behind a bus. Me: Buses stink. Dylan: Your muscles stink? Hahaha. Yesterday on the way home he and Minnie Mouse were in the backseat and we had all the windows down in the car. Dylan: Aww, mom, she's shivering. Me: Do you want me to roll the windows up? Dylan: No, I'm fine. A couple seconds I hear laughter followed by, "You look like E.T." Dylan had put his hoodie on the dog. October we went to a festival and celebrated Halloween. We also lost our buddy, Duke to cancer. My honey and buddy at The Foxhall Festival riding a hover craft. october 6 We lost our buddy to cancer this morning. As much as we will miss this boy we know he's not suffering and he's finally with his best friend (our grandpa) again. I sure hope Heaven has endless wrecker rides, swimming pools and Hot Dogs. october 9 Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations?!? Target, you're killing me! october 20 october 26 We went to a wedding for friends that we hadn't seen in wayyy too long. I love the Harris' and have missed them tremendously. we carved pumpkins with my best friend and her sweet kiddo. We celebrated our Minnie Mouse's 3rd birthday. She was born on Halloween so she got to come to our house with my mom and hand out treats to the trick or treaters. I made my first wreath which i'm pretty proud of. And we trick or treated around our neighborhood with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, Em. Favorite Facebook post of October october 16 I'm beyond tired of not being able to go anywhere without someone trying to solicit to me. I can do my hair, I don't need a massage, I don't want to buy whatever you're selling & I've found Jesus! Stop Soliciting!!! And since these were crazy busy months I'll leave you with that. Novemeber adn December re-caps up next!

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