Weekend Wrap

Well, another weekend has come and gone. I'm so sad but it was a great weekend. Friday night my buddy spent the night with my mom and dad because they were getting up early on Saturday to drive to North Carolina to pick up my mom's new German Shepard puppy {more about that in a bit}. Since my honey and I had the night alone we made it into a date night! Woo Hoo! I love date nights with my handsome man but knowing that we didn't have to rush home to our kiddo made it that much more enjoyable, especially since my honey doesn't get home from work until 6ish. We've been trying to eat healthy all week (Gasp! A week?! I know, right?!) anyway we were I was, craving some carbs and good ol' southern food so off to Cracker Barrel we went. Of course honey made me look like a pig because he only got a steak and plain baked potato, nothing on it. Me? I got country fried steak, fried okra, hash brown casserole, and turnip greens. I managed not to eat any of the biscuits but everything else was irrisestible and I didn't care if I looked like a pig. Sometimes a girl's gotta eat! Okay, all the time. This girl loves to eat but this girl also has to get ready to look fit and fab in a wedding dress. After dinner we decided to spend the Fandango gift card my sweet brother & sister in law gave us for Christmas. We decided to see Taken 3 (my choice. Apparently I choose testosterone filled movies for dates. Machine Gun Preacher, 3 Days To Kill & now Taken 3. Who knew?) Anyway with a couple hours to kill between dinner and the movie we had time to fit in mine and my honey's favorite stores! Michael's for me because I needed .5mm string to make bracelets and Academy Sports for him. Other than me sitting and clawing myself for 2 hours through the entire movie b/c I was suddenly itchy, it was a great night. Saturday morning my honey and I actually slept in. For me this is no big deal, I sleep in anytime I can, but for my honey it's huge! He's used to getting up by 5:30 to go to work so on the weekends he doesn't really sleep in but I do love it when he does. I love waking up next to my love and snuggling for a little while longer. We had a list of errands to run Saturday so after some coffee it was shower time then we were out the door for the day. The grocery store, Big Lots, baby's parent's house, my parent's house to let the dogs out, Honey Bakes Ham for lunch. We were all over the place until my mom and dad and our buddy called around 4:30 and said they were back in town. Of course we were so excited to meet the newest addition to the family so we flew out the door. And now i'll introduce you to all 6 pounds of fuzz and cuteness. That 6 pounds will grow to be huge but for now he's tiny and adorable. Meet Drago. Saturday night we spent most of the night @ mom and dad's, playing with Drago and watching a movie. By watching a movie I mean I slept while everyone else watched Divergent. I heard it was good. Our buddy wanted to spend the night with Mimi and Pa again so we let him. We left at 11:45 at night, came home and went to bed. Sunday morning we woke up and took it easy for a while, enjoying coffee and a lazy morning. Then we got dressed and ran to Target! My favorite store ever! And went to my honey's parent's house again then Taco Bell for lunch (yuck!) After that we went back to my mom and dad's for more puppy love and to drag our child home. When we left we decided to go get a popcorn maker so we can make plain popcorn and add our own toppings. We went home and ate dinner then brought out the popcorn popper. My kid was so enthralled with it that he pulled up a chair for a front row seat and enjoyed watching popcorn pop. Who knew it would make his day? He was so shocked that I had never shown him that before. After that it was t.v. time for the guys and cleaning time for me. Our weekend was wonderful. I hope yours was, too!

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