I said it before and I'll keep saying it, 2015 is going to be my year! I know it is! Aside from getting married in September there are other things I want to work on. I don't like to make resolutions that i'll never stick to. I like to set goals for myself and live the best I can. There is always something I can work on. For starters, there's the usual, lose weight and eat healthier. The wedding is approaching and the pounds need to be dropping. It's time. I also want to work on being a happier version of myself. I try to see the best in every situation and stay positive but there is always room for improvement there, too. I tend to let others moods and opinions affect me too much of the time. I need to take time to love people more and judge them less and to pray for those people who have bad attitudes. I need to spend more time praying in general but especially about people who don't seem to see the good in anything. I've started to feel bad for them instead of brushing them off and deleting them from Facebook. They are missing something. They need love and understanding. I'm trying hard to be the sunshine in everyone's life. I also want to spend more time blogging and crafting. I enjoy both of these things I just tend to not make time to do them. I love making jewelry and I've been stocking up on beads and pretty charms for bracelets and necklaces. I even made this bracelet one time. My blog is something I started many moons ago and rarely used but now i'm learning to use it more and I love it. In fact, I've spent a good portion of today working on it and writing posts! I'm working on giving something really BIG on my heart to God. Really giving it to him and not just saying that I am. HE knows the need and what needs to be done about it. It's a situation that is out of my hands but is centered around someone I love very much. Someone who is missing out on my life and vice versa. It's something I think about every. single.day of my life. I can say that the worst way to miss someone is knowing they're alive and you can't see them. So Lord, I have Faith in you and am giving you this. I want to read. A lot. And I want to start by finishing this book by A lovely woman named Stephanie May Wilson. I found her book and blog on Instagram, downloaded her book and have found it so inspirational. It's been well over a month since I started this 83 page book and haven't finished it yet because my reading time is the hour i'm in the car-rider's line waiting on my son to get out of school. He's been out of school for almost 3 weeks and several of the days prior I wasn't in line at my usual time because I was running errands so that = less reading time. If you haven't read this book yet I urge you to do so. When I sat down to think of a word for 2015 A flood of words and emotions took over me so I decided that instead of just one word I'm going to focus on one a month. Love, Heart, Energy, Anchor, Pray, Patience, Soul, Gracious and Intentional are the ones that flooded me immediately. January's word is going to be Intentional. intentional Syllabification: in·ten·tion·al Pronunciation: /inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l / Definition of intentional in English: ADJECTIVE Done on purpose; deliberate: I don't mean intentional as a bad thing. I want to live with intentional purpose. I want the people I love to know it! I want to take time to show my appreciation! I want to live more with more YES! And inspiration and love. I'm going to start this by sending out hand written notes, the snail mail way. We all need a little more happy mail. Can you imagine going to your mailbox and seeing a note from a friend, just because admist the bills and junk? Happiness right?! I want to buy more just because gifts and make more things for people. I want to help others more and be a sunshine in everyone's lives. After all we all feel better when we're doing something for someone else, right? So what are your goals for the New Year? What are your intentions? Any words to live by? Happy 2015.

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