Life lately.

Hey Y'all. It's been a hectic two weeks, I feel like, and I've been neglecting my blog. I say this way too often but in all honestly this is one of the only times I've sat on my couch and enjoyed doing what I want over the last few days. It's been a lot of fun but i'm glad to be sitting here with Reba on t.v., candles lit, pretending that I don't have three loads of laundry waiting to be folded and dinner to be cooked. So anyway, where have I been lately? Let's start with last weekend.

Friday was mine and my honey's "cheat" day on this whole eating healthy thing so we decided to eat out at the restaurant of my choice. Out of all the restaurants out there I chose Chick-fil-A and I was NOT going to eat a salad. So we went to Chick-fil-A where I enjoyed my 8 count nugget, waffle fries, & sweet tea like it was my last meal.

Saturdaymy honey had plans to go to a gun show with one of his friends so that meant I would have the day to myself. Well, me and my sweet boy. So I decided it was the perfect day to go to Hobby Lobby & the mall. My sweet boy wanted to go to Game Stop, too so off on our own adventure we went. After my honey and his friend, Greg, got home from the gun show Greg & his wife, Crystal wanted to go to dinner & since our buddy already had plans to spend the night with his Mimi & Pa we indulged in a little fun times with our friends @ Longhorn where, once again, I acted like I was eating my last meal, once again. Texas Tonion, White Peach Sangria, 6 oz. steak and a sweet potato were on the menu for me! It was so delicious I had to eat every last bite. Pig, I'm telling you, I've turned into a pig since we started this eating healthy thing. After dinner it was late so we headed home for the night to enjoy some quality time together ;)

Sundayhonestly I can't remember what we did Sunday...LOL. It might have involved hanging out at my parent's house.

The rest of the week was spent running around, shopping for my mom's birthday.

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so my buddy was off school an extra day. 3 day weekends are awesome! The weather was a beautiful, sunny 63 degree day so I packed my my buddy and the puppy and we went and spent time at the park, walking around the track, soaking up the sunshine and laughing together. It was glorious!

Friday was my mom's birthday. She had planned for she, my dad, me, my fiance, my son, grandma, brother and sister-in law to all go out to dinner together on Saturday but I couldn't stand the thought of her going home after work and not having cake or dinner made for her so I devised a plan to cook dinner and a cake and have her over to our house that night. My dad had to work, she'd be getting home from work late, so it only made sense. She gladly obliged! I made chicken 'n dumplings that were a hit and a cookie butter cake that was to die for. She and my Grandma came over and stayed for a while. It was great to have their company and do something nice for her for a change.

Saturday I slept in until 9ish then spent the rest of the morning on the couch, coffee in hand, covered in my favorite Vera Bradley blanket on pinning away on Pinterest. It was glorious! Around 11 my honey finally asked me if I wanted to take a shower and run errands. No! Was my answer to that. I just wanted to continue doing what I was doing until dinner with my family. As it turns out, my mom was on call so she was afraid of being called in while in the middle of dinner & my brother and sister in law were at a wedding and couldn't come to dinner, so my loves and I headed over to Mom and Dad's around 5:30. We all decided on Chinese Take Out for dinner. We stayed at my parent's house until about 10 that night while our buddy spent the night again.

Sunday those pesky errands couldn't wait any longer & since we didn't have our sweet boy with us we headed out early. Somewhere between Target and the grocery store we decided to go eat lunch @ LaSalsa, our favorite mexican restaurant. It was delicious, as always, and inspired my dinner for the night. After lunch we ran home to meet my dad and get our boy then off to the grocery store. The rest of the evening was spent at home, just hanging out, enjoying time together and a great dinner of sweet tea marinated chicken & sauteed squash with orange vanilla balsamic.

That brings us to today. I'm sitting here wondering where the heck did the day go? I've gotten nothing done other than a few blog updates but i'm rather enjoying it. My sweet boy called from school this morning b/c he was sick so since he's sick and it's another cold, rainy, gloomy day we're enjoying being lazy!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're enjoying your day.

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