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Hello lovelies! It's Friday, that means we made it another week! Now, go grab a glass of wine or a margarita and cheers! After all, everyday is a day to celebrate but the Friday before a 3 day weekend calls for an all out par-tay! Just kidding. Kind of. I haven't had a chance to up-date this week but it was pretty low key, anyway. My sweet boy got his report card. He made all A's & B's, except for math-which we knew about. That was about the biggest thing that happened this week though. Enough about that. To jump start the weekend I want to share a few things I'm loving right now. ONE The sunshine. It has rained and been foggy for what seems like an eternity here in Georgia, so much so that some of our Christmas decorations may or may not be in the yard still. Okay, they are. This morning the sunshine decided to peak out and it has hung around the entire day! It's made me happy and motivated!! Those Christmas decorations can come down now! YAY!! TWO My Fiance bought me the entire series of FRIENDS on blu-ray for Christmas. I'm definitely loving that right now! THREE Speaking of T.V. shows, I recently found this adorable new sitcom on NBC. Here's the Wikipedia synopsis of the show. This series follows what happens to longtime couple – high-strung Annie (Casey Wilson) and easy-going Jake (Ken Marino) – when their deeply committed relationship turns into a long and bumpy ride on the way to the altar after the question of "Will You Marry Me?" is popped. After six years together, the couple struggles with trying to decide whether a whirlwind of big fights and botched marriage proposals spells doom for their relationship, when instead they discover a series of "signs" that they think means they are meant for each other. Faced with proposals gone awry and a string of other unfortunate coincidences, Annie and Jake find themselves destined to be together whether they can get it together or not. FOUR This scarf that my aunt sent me from Illinois yesterday. I'm fairly certain she arm knitted it and i'm in love! I'm sure this will be on my neck most of the winter. Did I mention I'm in love with it? FIVE Trivia Crack. A free trivia app where you can play against your friends. Like I needed another addiction. You can join me. My username is lesliew1221 SIX Speaking of apps. My fiance and I are starting to eat healthier and get into shape before our wedding. So we both downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and it's amazing. I find myself watching what I eat more and worrying about my portion control and calorie intake so much more now. It helps and i'm starting to feel better. Of course he's already starting to lose weight & me? Well, maybe but mother nature decided to come a week into this and now i'm bloated like a blow fish but i'm still keeping on track with my eating. I may or may not be sneaking a piece of chocolate here and there. Okay, I am. Don't judge. Tonight is cheat night & this fat, PMSing girl is happy because we're going to Chick-fil-A and i'm not getting a salad, either! SEVEN Ross Mathew's is my idol. I love him. He's un-apologetically himself. He laughs at himself and makes fun of himself. He's giggly and hilarious. I want him to be my BFF. Seriously! I'm totally addicted to his new podcast; Straight Talk with Ross Mathews. Download it and be prepared to laugh out loud, a lot!! And EIGHT It's no secret that I love Bath & Body Works/White Barn Candle Company. Me & every other girl, right? It's a borderline obsession. Worse than Target! Yeah, I said it! Last Christmas my mom gave me the BEST stuff from B&BW. It's their Stress Relief body wash. Y'all, I never knew I could NEED a body product so much. Since then it's become a staple in my shower. It's great for those mornings when you're stuffy and congested. I use it almost every day though. I've even got my son and fiance using it. This year in my stocking my mom gave me the pillow spray. That stuff, y'all, is like heaven on your pillows. You need to run, not walk, to your nearest B&BW and buy yourself a bottle or five! Next on my list is the candles!! That's it for now, y'all. That's what i'm loving. Now go get yourself that glass of wine or margarita and cheers to the freakin' weekend (PINK sings it)!

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  1. That Trivia Crack is all I've been hearing about lately! Might need to jump on that bandwagon!


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