Let's Get Crafty!

Hi World. It's Monday, that means it's our last day of relaxing and taking it easy because school starts back tomorrow. It has been a fantastic two and a half week break. Lots of family time, fun time, afternoon naps and relaxing. If every week could be like that we'd all be a lot happier and less stressed but alas, real life waits. I'm sure i'll miss my finace and son this week but i'm looking forward to getting back to a routine. I get my one hour of daily reading time back, too because that's what I do while I sit in the car rider's line and wait for my son to be dismissed from school. Today i'm working on getting my house back in order and dreaming of decorating and crafty projects. I have a ton of beads to start making jewelry again but there are a few other things I want to make, too; such as these lovely crafty projects. I actually started buying the stuff to make this! I can't wait! We can't forget about the jewelry I want to make! I actually want to start a $ jar. I saw this great idea that every time you get a $5 bill put it in a jar and save it for the whole year. I plan on doing this, along with spare change so by the end of the year I'll have extra $$$. And who doesn't want extra $? I love being crafty and I plan on doing a lot of DIY for my wedding so i'm sure these are just a few of the crafty projects for 2015. What kind of projects do you have planned?

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