Out With The Old...A re-cap November & December.

Novemeber was pretty mellow. Hallelujah!! Except that we lost our (sort of) Grandfather, Jimmy, to cancer. It's a long story but basically he was married to my grandmother for all of my childhood, they divorced but remained friends through the years so he was always still a part of our lives. And for the first time ever, my fiance and I were soley responsible for THanksgiving dinner for his family's side. I got some wonderful gifts from some of my sweet neighbors. I learned how to wear a scarf as a vest. And I also started writing more handwritten notes. nov. 6 It's been on my heart lately to be more intentional with my loved ones. People need to hear that they are loved and appreciated. We all assume people know this but why not take the time to say it or write it out? I'm starting to give more hand-written, heart-felt letters to those around me and I challenge everyone to do the same. The world will be a happier place. I promise it. #speadthelove #sendmoresnailmail Novemeber 13 Bella got to spend the night at our house. my Mom is the sweetest. She bought me some beautiful roses for helping her make some dressing for work. As I mentioned before. This was my fiance and I's first time being responsible for the entire Thanksgiving dinner for his family. His Mom and Dad had planned to go out of town for Thanksgiving but health issues arose and they stayed home. Because of this neither of them were feeling like cooking so wen were just going to take them a plate of food from my family's dinner. As we were walking through the grocery store the idea hit me to make Thanksgiving dinner FOR them so we did and it was a success. The night before Thanksgiving my fiance's sister came over to supervise us cooking and take all the pics ;) It was a fun night and our dinner was a success. Holy Moly! Two pans of dressing, two pans of sweet potato casserole, two pans of german chocolate pecan pie bars, one pan of green beans and 5 hours later-we've almost got Thanksgiving dinner! Thankfully my sweet honey will be home in a little bit to help me with the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving loves! Thanksgiving Day was spent with my honey's family. That night we went to my Mom and Dad's. It was a blessed Thanksgiving and it meant so much to me because it meant so much to my honey's family. November 29 We picked out our Christmas Tree. I made my guys look at every. single. tree. and we ended up with the perfect one. We went home and decorated said tree. And we took some family pics in front of the tree. Even though you can't see it in this pic. We also celebrated one of the most important men in my life's birthday. My Dad. Favorite Facebook post of Novemeber. november 11 Dylan was talking about finishing his sucker. He said "look mom, I have a happy stick." Thankfully I wasn't driving when he said that or I might have wrecked. novemeber 19 QOTN from Dylan: She's actually fun when she's not yelling at life. {I about died laughing.} December was a month full of running around and parties but so much fun! We had an Ugly Sweater Party with some great friends, a family get together with my Dad's side, My honey's side of the family and my family. I shopped a lot and cooked a lot. I spent a lot of time with wonderful loved ones and made a lot of new memories. my honey made these Christmas trees out of tomato cages and Christmas lights. They were the talk of the neighborhood. I made fabulous sweaters for the Ugly Sweater Party we went to. December 15-I celebrated two years with the man of my dreams. Two years ago I went on a date with my best friend. It's been a crazy journey so far together. I feel like we're already living our vows before we've even said them; we've been through better and worse and sickness and health together but I wouldn't change a thing. There's no one else i'd rather share my life with. We're just getting started so here's to a lifetime of memories. 2015 is our year! Together we made gingerbread houses. On December 21 we had Christmas with my Dad's side of the family and we did Christmas with my brother and sister in law. My SIL is a pharmacist @ a hospital and had to work Christmas Day. The 23rd was one year since my honey propsed! We had plans to go look at Christmas lights then come home and start on our Christmas Eve dinner with his family. My soon to be SIL and nephews were going to come over and do all this with us & they did but it poured so we weren't able to get out and look at lights :( We did still have lots of fun and laughs. The boys all played video games while the girls cooked. Christmas Eve we spent the night at my honey's parent's house, celebrating with his family. Then we went to my parent's to spend the night. We all get pajamas on Christmas Eve and have for as long as I can remember. This year even the dogs got some. Christmas morning we opened presents with my family. Bella was in the middle of her boy's stuff. At one point she even picked out a present for him to open. That afternoon my mom's side of the family came over for dinner and exchanging gifts. my grandma with her grandkids. We ended the holiday playing Heads Up. A hilarious game by Ellen DeGeneres. If you've never played check it out in the app store! New Year's Eve was low key. We spent the night with my parent's, cooking wings and playing games. 2014 was great. It had its lows but we celebrated, laughed, & created more memories. 2015 is going to be awesome!

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