Birthday Re-Cap

Yesterday was my sweet boy's 12th birthday. I can't believe how fast twelve years has gone by! For his birthday we told him we could go anywhere, do anything, even throw another massive party if that's what his heart desired.

Last year's party was a huge success. We rented a party room at the local park, a DJ, Chick-fil-A party platter, & lots of other snacks. He had about 12 friends from school come with their parents and siblings and we had a big turn out from our family, too. He wanted a dance party and that's what he got. So you can imagine my surprise and relief when all he wanted this year was a home cooked meal and cake at home. Since his birthday was on a school night this was perfect. We invited my mom and grandma over (my dad, brother, & sister in law) were all at work and I made Dylan's requested chicken 'n dumplings and cookie butter cake. This just happens to be the same thing I just made for my mom's birthday Friday but it was the Birthday Boy's request so I didn't want to fail him.

He racked up in $ and gift cards, as well as a new fit bit, bow & arrow, Amiibo figures and some wooden puzzle trick things. I'd say it was a good birthday. We're gearing up for round two this weekend with my mom, dad, grandma, brother & sister in law. We're all going out to dinner somewhere to celebrate my mom and Dylan's birthdays again! We really love to prolong birthdays and holidays in this family :)
Here are a few snapshots of our wild and crazy cozy and calm birthday celebration.

Cookie butter cake is the Bomb!!!

Happy Birthday to my not so baby boy.

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