April Goals

New Month. New Goals. I'm not sure why I ever waited until New Year's to make goals but I sure love this new perspective I have. Now I see every month as a chance to start fresh with new goals and it's the most refreshing feeling ever. I feel so much more energized and inspired to take on my goals when I break them down so let's see how I did with March's Goals and what April's are.

March Goals:


+ Focus on Pinterest this month by gaining followers and continuing to clean up my boards There is always more room for improvement but I'm happy to say that I did this! I'm up to 1,651 followers and my boards are looking cleaner.

+ Reach 600 followers on Instagram This one was looking iffy at the beginning of the month. My followers went up to 615 then over the weekend, they fell down below 600. I was crushed but I ended the month strong with 645 followers so this win was one for the books.

+ Participate in #simplystyledmarch and #SYBLHOLIDAYS Instagram challenges I did and it was so much fun! You can check out my Instagram for those fun posts.

+ Start a girl boss group Pinterest board for sharing blog posts and cheering fellow lady bosses on Didn't do this one but I was busy doing so many other things on Peaches & Willow so it's not a total fail.

Personal Goals

+ Cut out sugar I did do this and it has been a game changer. Sugar either tastes really good to me now (like the bad of peanut m&ms I polished off yesterday) or it tastes really bad but I'm not craving it as much and when I do I can satisfy it with a banana or something healthy.

+ Join one of Ideal Fit's 15 day body challenges I didn't do this but I did start yoga again!

+ Be more intentional with how I spend money I did really good with this. I bought myself a few new little things but not much, really and I'm pretty proud of that!

April Goals:

+ Grow Instagram to 700 followers

+ Start that Girl Boss Pinterest Group

+ Start creating an Instagram photo challenge for summer

+ Keep being intentional with how I spend money

+ Try one new recipe a week

+ Link up with Anna Nutall for Thursday Bloggers Link Up

+ Continue doing yoga

+ Reply back to Instagram and blog comments the next day

+ Take more time to sit in the sunshine and read

+ Get crafty once a week

+ Do something nice for my hubby, just because he deserves it

+ Plan content for the entire month

Have you ever cut out sugar? Do you have any tips? Any recipes you'd like to share?

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