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Hi Loves! We're late to the party per the usual but it's time for March's Guys Behind the Blog post. My hubby always has so much fun with these, y'all and it's always so much fun to feature him. He's so supportive of me and my blog but lately, it's really been growing, and he's truly becoming my guy behind the blog. Some evenings i'm busy typing away as we spend time together on the couch watching tv. Other nights i'm busy sharing one more post on Instagram as we get into bed and other times, he's my photographer. Through it all he supports me and doesn't complain one bit about me being occupied with other things. So it's nice to shine the light on him sometimes so get ready for another fun Guys Behind the Blog post with my sweet hubby.

1.) Would you rather have your dream job and make less money or have a job you hate and make tons of money?
Have my Dream Job

2.) Would you rather play a hero or a villain in a movie?
Villian because they always have the neatest toys.

3.) Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never be able to speak again?
I say everything that's on my mind anyway.
(Can I get an amen? Because I could have answered that question for him!)

4.) Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great grandchildren?
Neither because I want the future to be a mystery and the past to be the past.
(He's got this living in the moment thing down, y'all!)

5.) Would you rather swim in the Artic Ocean with nothing but a swim suit (no wet suit) or walk through the desert in the middle of the summer having to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt?
I like it cold so i'd rather swim in the Arctic Ocean and you do call me your penguin.

Bonus question:
Would you rather live like a king but have no friends and family or be homeless with your friends and family?
I'd rather be homeless.
(Aww, he does love me.)

Most of the time I could answer these questions for him but sometimes he surprises me. These posts are our favorites to do y'all so I hope you link up with us next month.

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