On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies. Cheers to the last Wednesday of 2016. This time of year usually leaves me feeling so bittersweet. I'll miss the glow of the holiday lights and the pretty Christmas decorations everywhere but I'm so excited to bring in 2017. It's going to be the year of this #girlboss. Lots of exciting plans coming in 2017 but I won't reveal them all yet.

Since it's the last Wednesday of the month, it's my last On Wednesdays We Confess of the year. So here's what I confess.

I Confess i'll never get tired of lazy mornings, snuggling on the couch, watching Netflix, with candles lit.

I ConfessI've had no motivation to leave the house this week. I've been enjoying equal amounts of time snuggling on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and cleaning.

I Confess I got a Cricut vinyl machine for Christmas and I am obsessed. I want to monogram everything now.

I Confess I just finished season 1 of Gilmore Girls. It's safe to say i'm hooked. I've never binge watched anything in my life before.

I Confess I want to live in Stars Hollow.

I Confess I want to get someone to start taking blog pics for me. I'd love to go to squares in local towns and find fun backdrops to use.

I Confess I bought the Project365 planner for 2017. I'm obsessed. Maybe i'll do a review on Snapchat.

I Confess I also am loving the Juniperberry & Pine candle lately.

I Confess as much as I enjoyed Christmas, i'm a little relieved that it's over. I'm ready to have my house back to normal now.

I Confess I have over 100 e-mails in my in-box. I blame the holidays.

I Confess

What do you want to confess today?

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