On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! I hope you are all snuggled in and cozy today. I'm all about being cozy this time of year. Give me a fuzzy blanket, a warm mug of coffee, Etsy shopping on my laptop, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix or Christmas music playing through the Christmas tree and i'm all set.
I love that snuggle life.

While you're all cozy, I have today's On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas for your enjoyment.

This week I'm confessing...

I Confess I can't take anymore of this rain. It needs to stop.
We needed it and i'm happy that we've been blessed with it but it's been pouring for at least four days now and it's putting me into a sad mood.
I need a little sunshine in my life.

I Confess my poor Willow girl hasn't been feeling well and it makes my doggie mama heart sad.
Hopefully it's just something she ate. Bless her.

I Confess the music box that plays music through our Christmas tree is quiet possibly my favorite thing ever.
It even does a lights show that dances along to the music.
FB won't allow me to post a video because I don't technically own the music.
Head over to snapchat-georgiapeachy82 to sneak a peak though.

I Confess my hubby helped me make the prettiest Christmas wreath.
I think i'm going to make a bigger bow though.
P.S.-Hubby points-He did make the actual wreath by hand, I just decorated it.

I Confess Etsy is this girl's BFF this holiday shopping season.
I have ZERO interest in getting out in the crowds this year so shopping from the comfort of my couch is the answer to my prayers.

I Confess I had never watched Gilmore Girls until last Friday. Now I can't stop. #obsessed.

I Confess Laundry is still going to be the death of me.
If you read last week's post then you remember my battle. It's still raging on.
I even posed the question on Instagram yesterday, if it would be okay to ask my family to wear the same outfit all week so I can catch up?

I Confess I just saw this Instagram update and am in heaven!

I Confess I love Darlene Love's Marshmallow World. It's one of my favorite holiday songs!

I Confess I finally have a few Christmas gifts bought. Thanks to Etsy!

I Confess I was featured on my sweet friend, Kayla's Polished and Bubbly blog. Friday Feature.

I Confess I'm obsessed with The Lady Gang podcast.

I Confess I'm a little jealous of Helene from Helene in Between.
When you see her Christmas Wonderland post you'll understand why.

I Confess my Mac is getting hot so it's time to shut it down but I want to hear your confessions in the comments.

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