Christmas Traditions

Hi Peachies! Can y'all believe that Christmas is only 2 days away? I can't believe it's so close to Christmas now. I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy inside because I just adore this time of year so much. I love the glow of the lights everywhere, the smell of sweets baking in the oven, the pretty ornaments that decorate my tree (they all have a special meaning), the holiday parties and all the togetherness with loved ones. My favorite part of the holidays though, are the traditions.

Growing up we had the tradition of getting together with my dad's family for Christmas Eve dinner and gift giving. On the way home from my Memama's, we'd always drive around and look at Christmas lights. There was always one house that had every kind of decoration you can think of, that was always our favorite house to go to. It just wasn't Christmas until we went by that house. I remember one year in particular, my brother and I both received pet hamsters at my Memama's house and as we were driving around looking at Christmas lights one of them escaped. We had to pull the car over and find the little guy. We did and all was well but that was a pretty funny memory.

As I've grown up and started my own family, starting our own traditions has really been fun. So today I'm going to share...

Five of my Christmas Traditions

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we go to our local Farmer's Table/Market/Cafe and pick out a Christmas tree. I grew up always having real trees for Christmas so that was one tradition I wanted to carry over into my adult life. There's something about the feel and smell of a real tree that I absolutely love. I always have to get the biggest and fluffiest tree they have.

Putting the star on top of the tree. This always goes on last and usually it's done by my hubby but this year he passed the honor on to our son.

Every year, on December 23rd, my hubby, son and I drive around and look at Christmas lights around town. On this date in 2013 my husband rigged up a plan to get me back to our house to propose to me before we went out to look at lights.

Every year since we were kids my mom bought my brothers and I an ornament to hang on the tree. I have no less than 27 of them myself. We've carried on the tradition with my son and now I do for my husband, too. So every year we all get a new ornament. This year we even started getting our Willow pup an ornament.

Baking with my mama. It's something we've done for as long as I can remember. Every year we gather in her kitchen and bake all kinds of candy and cookies. This week that's where i'll be and on our goodie menu so far is cheery cordials, chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate dipped pretzels, sugar cookies, and wedding cookies.

I love hearing about traditions so share your favorites ones with me.

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