Life Lately

Hi Peachies! I hope you are all doing well today. Life has been so busy lately and i've had such amazing things going on so I thought i'd do a little Life Lately post. So grab a cup of coffee and get cozy with me today. Let's share some girl time and chat about life.

+Life Lately+

-We had an amazing Thanksgiving complete with two meals and enough leftovers to last all week. And Im pretty proud of myself because, after cooking all week before, I managed to pull myself together and cook some amazing meals last week, too!

-We continued the tradition of buying our Christmas tree from our local Farmer's Table/Market/Cafe on Black Friday then we spent all weekend decorating the house and tree.

-We celebrated my Dad's birthday last Wednesday with a very low key dinner at my parent's house. We gave my daddy a pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds that I think he loves.

-We also celebrated our Willow pup's 1st birthday on Wednesday, too. She got a new sweater, a Happy Birthday bone and a new duck toy that she destroyed the next day.

- We had our first Christmas party yesterday. It was filled with great food, great company, lots of laughs and an ornament exchange.

- Peaches and Willow got a new affiliate. Mieroglyphs apparel.

-I learned how to make a button that links to my affiliates website.

-I participated in a Mug Swap with some of my blogger friends and got an amazing box filled with incredible Christmas goodies from my partner.


-Enjoying...the glow of all the Christmas lights everywhere.
-Wishing Simple Addiction leggings and my druzy stud earrings from Etsy to get here.
-Loving...quiet mornings snuggled on my couch watching Christmas movies with the glow of the Christmas tree lights.
-Looking Forward To...possible snow this week.
-Smelling...Peppermint oil on my neck.
-Wearing...owl pajama pants and gray/white baseball tee.
-Feeling...joyful, cheerful, blessed.
-Bookmarking...Hawaiian Chicken Recipe, Pecan Phyllo Tarts, #BlogFuel Announcement, Pinterest Showcase Announcement.
-Reading...Boss Girl by Sophia Amoruso & You and Me Forever by Francis & Lisa Chan.
-Watching...Miracle on 34th Street.
-Listening (to)
-Eating...Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin.
-Cooking...nothing yet. It's not even 8 a.m.
-Drinking...Cinnamon Bun Coffee.
-Texting...No one right now.
-Snapchatting...Cozy Outfits and Christmas Lights. posts.
-Starting...Christmas shopping.
-Finishing...decorating for Christmas.
-Loving these Perfectly Posh beauty products.
-Using these essential oils...Peppermint.
-This Is My Jam...Just Another Day by Lady Gaga.

+Coffee & Blog Posts+

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So, that's a lot of life lately y'all but what can I say? Life has been pretty amazing. I've really been enjoying the Christmas Shop Small feature on the blog. If you're new here then several of the posts above are part of that. Shopping small and featuring small businesses are a passion of mine, combined with my favorite holiday this just felt right. If you need make up, jewelry, lovely prints, skin care or sweets for someone on your list then these lovely ladies have you covered. Be sure to check their shops and businesses out and support them this holiday season.

I hope you're having a life as full as I am right now and enjoying the holiday season with lots of cheer.

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