10 Things {Dear Self}

Hi Peachies! Happy Tuesday! It's one of my favorite post days because it's like celebrating the fact that I survived Monday because I get to link up with the adorable, bubbly, and sweet Karli Bell from September Farms has come up with another brilliant link up called 10 on Tuesday. So cheers to that!

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Today i'm posting a little bit of an all about me 10 Things because I need it. We can all cheer ourselves on from time to time, right? I think so, if it's a once in a while kind of thing. So today friends, I'm being self indulgent and cheering myself on.

10 Things

Dear Self,

1. You do a damn good job of getting the kid up, ready for school and out the door on time daily.
It's not easy for either of you since neither of you are morning people.

2. Remember what your Grandma says, "Leslie's pretty quiet but when she says something it's usually hilarious."
In my family I am usually the quiet one (because I don't like yelling over everyone else to be heard) but when I open my mouth
funny just comes out. Usually I don't even realize how funny it is until everyone is laughing with tears in their eyes.

3. You love hard. Yes, this is just as bad as it is good but it's just the way you are. Never change. Keep loving hard.

4. Never forget why you fell in love with your husband. He's smart, he's funny, he's extremely good looking. All the women fall over him but he chose you. More importantly, he's always got your back and he knows when to feed you and tell you you're pretty.

5. You can make friends with almost anyone. Remember that time you were shopping at Ulta and the cashier told you that you were so bubbly and happy? Or the time you were at America's Best and you struck up a conversation with the guy who was working there about puppies and the trouble they got into? You made your son feel better about getting his glasses chewed up, too.

6. You're a pretty great cook, too. Minus the pledge soup you made and the citrus prime rib. Just remember not to cook anything citrus.

7. You're learning it's okay to say no sometimes and that's okay. It doesn't mean you don't love the person or the thing you had to say no to, it just means you're learning how to balance things and take care of yourself.

8. You do a great job of choosing happy and trying to spread the word to everyone else. You've also learned, as much as it breaks your heart, that you can't get through to everyone. Some people have chosen to only see the negative but you're going to keep shining and spreading happiness. They'll catch up someday.

9. You've done a pretty great job of establishing a routine and sticking to it. Life is just easier that way but in the season you're in right now, you've got to learn to adapt and make changes to that routine. Allow time for working out and focusing on your 21 day challenge and allow time to disconnect from everything except your husband and son in the evenings. Trust me, you'll be thankful for that.

10. You're great at cleaning and doing laundry but stop standing in your own way. You've got the chance to make your jewelry and start selling it. Start focusing on accomplishing that goal instead. You've got everything you need to do this. The messy house and piles of laundry will wait.

So that was all over the place. If you made it through then congratulations and cheers to you!

Share with me, what's on your mind?

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  1. These are lovely! You sound like a wonderful person! Fun post! I might have to join in next tuesday in the link up!

    1. Thank You so much! You made my morning! I try really hard to be a wonderful, inspiring, optimistic person. You should definitely join in next week!

  2. What a positive post! I think it is so important to stop and remind ourselves why we are great =0) Love this!

    1. Thank You so much! I feel like we all need to remind ourselves of this sometimes, too.


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