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Hey Peachies! Welcome to my blog sweet blog. It's our favorite day of the week because...
Hello, Fi-YAY! Need I say more?

Of course Fridays are my favorites for another reason, too. It's time to link up with Karli from September Farm for Oh Hey, Friday!
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With wedding season upon us, I thought it would be fun to do a girly Five Dresses for spring wedding season post.

Go pour yourself a glass of sweet tea or wine and come sit with me and look at all these drool worthy dresses.
Most of which I'll never own because, well, some are simply a splurge I just can't justify but we can all dream, right?!?

Some of the images are smaller than others even though i've set them to the same size.
We're just calling it a Friday imperfection.
Even the blog is tired of working, apparently.

But check out these beauties.

Medallion Fly Away Maxi Altar'd State $79.95

Seeing Blue Maxi Altar'd State $69.95 Altar'd State $79.95

East River Dress Anthropologie $138.00

Livia Maxi Dress Anthropologie $188.00

Molly Ruffle Francesca's $48.00

Which one are you swooning over?

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  1. That fourth one is super cute! I am 6'1" but was never really into maxi dresses until a year ago and now I cannot stop. lol.

  2. I'm only 5' tall so maxis were something I thought I couldn't wear until last year. I bought one and wore it to every wedding we went to. I even wore it to my own rehearsal dinner, I loved it that much! It's time to add another one or six to my wardrobe! :)


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