Week 16: You May Not Know

Hi Peachies! Happy Monday! It's one of my favorite blogging days because of this awesome 52 Week Challenge
with one of my blogger besties, Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs and
Ashley from Girl Talk.
This link up is such a fun way to start the week off.

Today's prompt is {Week 16: You May Not Know.}

+ If I find a piece of clothing I love I have to buy it in every color!
I have 6 Target tee's//same style/different colors!

+ I'm pretty quiet in big groups. I used to be painfully shy, even through high school.

+ I have serious 'Dog Mom' guilt. I feel awful for getting on to her and even worse when
I have to leave her in her crate while I'm out of the house. Proof that dogs are people, too!

+ My blog will never have a niche and my Instagram will never have a perfect aesthetic.
Both of these places are reflections of my real life!

+ I'm obsessed with quaint, little old towns.
You know, the historic downtown areas of these towns filled with
adorable homes, cute boutiques, and little cafes and coffee shops.

+ I'm obsessed with lip products and nail polishes.
I can't go into a store without buying these things.

+ I always fear that I haven't un-plugged my curling iron or hot iron.
I've even turned around and gone home just to double check.

+ I love going to my favorite websites and filling my shopping basket full of the items I want.
I don't buy it. I just want to see how much my wish list costs!

+ I have an un-canny fear of lizards and frogs.

+ I'm a sucker for fairs and festivals. Especially the ones that sell handmade crafty pretties.

+ When i'm feeling sad Target is my "go-to" happy place.
Once I get inside i'm instantly happy.

+ My hubby says my idea of "roughing it" is dirty sheets and no coffee creamer. And he isn't wrong!

+ I love having my family together in our Jeep,
packed full of bags and headed out on a road trip.
It's hours of endless conversations and laughter.

+ I love peach flavored and scented everything but don't eat peaches unless they're cooked into something.

Since this is all about things you may not know about me...ask me a question. Anything at all and i'll answer!

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  1. I do that too with clothing! Nate always laughs at me. But hey, if you find something that fits and you love then you buy it up. I am obsessed with little towns as well. Every time we travel somewhere I MUST see the downtown square (if they have one). Target always brings out the happies!! What kind of jeep do you have?

    1. We're pretty much like twins, too! My husband just knows, if I find clothing I like, i'm going to buy it in every color! He just says "go for it". He knows what's coming. Little towns fascinate me so much! We found one old town in Hawaii that we were in love with. I'd live there if I could. Kids still walked to school. And of course Target always brings the happies for both of us. My hubby actually has a Jeep Wrangler JK 2013. We love it but he drives it! I'm a little spoiled. I don't drive when we're together.

  2. I love this blog challenge. I need to do something like that. I also have a slight obsession with lip products and nail products. It's pretty bad.

    1. Join us! We'd love to read your answers, too! This challenge is so fun and it gives me something to look forward to on Mondays. My lip and nail polish obsession is out of control. I have two boxes full of nail polishes and a mug + cosmetic bag full of lip products. That's not counting what's in my car and purse!

  3. Target is the holy grail of all things happy!

    1. Oh yes, it is! I'm obsessed with Target! I'm not sure what i'd do with out it!

  4. Ok so all I have learned from this challenge is that we are literally the same person and need to live closer! I always buy tops/bottoms in every color they have if I love them! I love little towns and I have about 6 website carts full of items I want! haha!

    1. Your snapchat literally made my day! I've found my two blogging besties here! You & Crystal from Hall Around Texas. I thought I was the only one who filled up my shopping cart on line and didn't buy the things!

  5. Omg!!! I Totally do that too!! The whole shopping online just to see how much it costs and then leaving the site promptly before I hit pay. Lol.

    I'm glad someone else does that too. So interesting reading up on little quirks that people have.

    1. I just told Sarah, above that I thought I was the only one who did that! I'm glad i'm not the only one! Haha....this makes it a little more normal and okay then ;)

  6. I am the same way - if I find a top I like I buy it in multiple colors!!


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