Bucket List Dreams

Hi Peachies! I hope you're all having an amazing day. I've got the house clean, bed linens in the washer, candles lit, my guilty pleasure, Southern Charm, on t.v., & Willow pup laying on the couch beside me eating her bully stick (behaving). It's the perfect day here.

+ visit a vineyard
+ go grape stomping
+ own a beach home
+ visit Puerto Rico
+ see the Northern lights
+ visit Magnolia Market
+ visit Magonlia Flour
+ try hot yoga
+ and a lavender latte
+ read a book a month
+ take a ribbon acrobatics classes
+ take cooking classes
+ make my own hard bound family recipe cookbook
+ get brave enough to regularly broadcast on Periscope
+ attend a blogger's conference
+ do a daily devotional on every chapter of the bible
+ own my own boutique/bakery
+ attend some kind of big, fancy event
+ ride in a hot air balloon
+ grow my own garden
+ write an inspirational e-book
+ gain up to 1,000 followers on my blog
+ go to coachella
+ build our dream home
+ have another baby
+ learn how to do make up like a pro
+ work with the make a wish foundation
+ get a massage
+ host another Sunshine Snail Mail swap
+ host a gift swam with blog friends
+ go to a fancy brunch
+ visit South Carolina
+ write one hand written note a month and mail it to a friend
+ learn how to make beauty products
+ go to a Hawaiian luau
+ learn how to fire a gun
+ go to a food truck festival
+ go to a movie on a lawn
+ mentor a young girl
+ swim with dolphins
+ be a mermaid at our local aquarium
+ go back to Hawaii

Y'all, there is so much I want to do that I could keep going but maybe i'll turn this post into a 101 in 1001 post.
That would be fun!

What's on your bucket list?!?

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  1. Omg my goodness... I'd love to do hot yoga, but I think that I'd die...

    I really like your hand written note to a friend once per month. That seems like a really sweet idea.

    1. Thank You Sweets! I'm not sure i'd survive hot yoga but I definitely want to try it once. And hand written notes are so personal. I love giving snail mail that cheers people up.

  2. Okay so a lot of your bucket lists is mine as well. I want to host a blogging swap so bad! I've never hosted one before. You need to get a massage! They are amazing! I promise you will love it. Well at least I hope that if you get one you will love it. I'd love to take a cooking class! I hope you get to visit a vine yard soon. We went to some while visiting San Francisco and it was a lot of fun. We didn't get to crush any grapes though. Also yes to firing a gun! You never know if you'll need it for safety one day. Great bucket list!!!

    1. Thank You Sweet Lady! Maybe we should get together and host a blogging gift swap. I have a great idea for one! I have a gift certificate for a massage, I just need to schedule it! I'm sure i'd love it once I got it. Visiting a vineyard sounds like so much fun. And yeah, firing a gun is on my list b/c it is something I need to know how to do. It's funny how much we have in common!

  3. I love bucket lists! Seeing the Northern Lights is high on mine as well. And hey, I'm a massage therapist and live in South Carolina...so come down here and knock out two birds with one stone! Lol

    1. That sounds like an awesome plan! My husband went to South Carolina for years but since we got together we've been going to Panama City, Florida-where my family has always gone. Now that we're married we're going to start going back to South Carolina though! And wouldn't the Northern Lights be awesome?

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  5. I think I need to make myself a bucket list. There's so many things I'd love to do before I die, it'd be nice to see them all laid out in front of me. Numero uno on that list would be to visit Paris.. or own a vineyard. In Paris, maybe? Two for one?

    I would definitely like to do about 95% of this list haha. I would for sure like to own a beach house. And see the Northern Lights. And visit Hawaii. And.. you know what? Let's just do this list together? Haha.

    Christie's Take on Life. x

    1. Yes, Christie! That sounds like a great idea! Le'ts do this list together! I have so much more I want to do, too. Going to Paris would be awesome, too and owning a vineyard in Paris-YES!

  6. I LOVE this!!! I'm dying to go to Coachella and clearly I need a beach house! Haha awesome post I need to do something like this!

    1. Thanks! You should definitely make a bucket list! It's so much fun to keep an on-going one and keep adding to it! I think everyone needs a beach home, right?!

  7. What a great list! Many of these are on mine as well. Can’t wait to follow along as you cross items off this list.

    1. Thank You! I love Bucket Lists. They're such a fun way to get to know people's dreams! I'm hoping that I can cross off all of them someday!

  8. I also want to try hot yoga. I'm dying to go to Italy and have been since high school. I think this may finally be the year! Hmm... what else. I'm trying to read 80 books before my birthday and at some point--probably not this year--I would like to go blond, like really blond.

    1. Hot yoga just seems amazing. I'm sure it's hard but I bet it feels good. My sister in law studies abroad in Italy one semester in college. It sounded incredible! Reading 80 books by your birthday sounds like an amazing bucket list dream! I'd like to finish the one i've been reading since August. Good luck on your bucket list goals!

  9. This is a great list!

    I recommend both hot yoga AND cooking classes. They will open your mind in amazing ways.
    Get to a vineyard ASAP. Either romantically or with friends, you'll love it.

    Tomorrow I'm actually going to check something off my bucket list! I'm going on a sailing vacation through the BVIs!!! wish me luck :)

    Laura @ www.cookwineandthinker.com

  10. To name a few: I want to go to Disney World, produce a film, write a book and go to Spain! PS, I'm in Charleston, South Carolina. :)

  11. Such cute and fun bucket list items you have there, I have one too many to name too! Growing your own garden definitely takes home the prize for me, just because it is something that will brighten up your day, everyday!
    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

  12. It's always a great day when you are done with the house chores :D Oh what amazing dreams!! I you are able to fulfill each one of them! I would love to travel the world, learn yoga, have a successful blog, live my passion and many more :D I really like how your list is a balance of things you can achieve immediately (reading a book/month) vs long term (own a beach home)! Here's to us working towards our list and living life to the fullest <3

    Monika | www.palateforstyle.com


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