Week 13-My Favorite Things

Hi Peachies! Today I'm linking up with Sarah Emily from Sarah Emily Blogs
and Ashley from Girl Talkfor the
52 Week Blogging Challenge.

Today's prompt is {Week 14: Favorite Things.}

So, I bet you're wondering make me happy.

+ Sleeping in.
+ Day Adventures.
+ Small towns.
+ Boutiques.
+ Shopping Local.
+ Fresh Flowers{Peonies and Tulips especially.}
+ Being a Mama & Wifey.
+ Fairs and Festivals.
+ Puppy Snuggles & Kisses.
+ Coffee.
+ All the Monogrammed Things.
+ Instagram{georgiapeachy31} & Snapchat{georgiapeachy82}.
+ My Blogging Community.
+ Time With My Family.
+ A Fresh, New Haircut or Style.
+ Manis/Pedis.
+ Target Dollar Spot.
+ Bath & Body Works.
+ Shopping at Ulta.
+ Creating my Dream Home on Pinterest.
+ Chick-fil-A.
+ Early Mornings.
+ Sunshine and outdoors.
+ The Beach.
+ Succulents.
+ Our local Farmer's Table.
+ Crafting {Jewelry making, journaling, coloring.}
+ HGTV {especially Fixer Upper.}
+ Donkeys
+ Essie nail polish {Okay, really any nail polish.}

These are just a few of my favorite things.
Share with me what yours are! I'd love to hear AND don't forget to link up with Sarah and Ashley.

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  1. oh man, the Target Dollar Spot gets me every. dang. time. And i'm not really that mad about it haha.

    1. I know, right?! I'm not even mad about it either!

  2. OMG! HGTV is my favorite. I love me some House Hunters!

    1. Yes! Practically everything on HGTV is awesome! I spend a lot of time watching that channel.

  3. Yes to all of these!! By Sunday night I am looking forward to Saturday when I can sleep in!

    1. Oh Yes! Me too! I'm so glad we're on Spring Break this week and can sleep in lots!

  4. Hahaha I love that you added Donkeys! Literally everything on your list is my favorite too! I think we are long lost besties!

    1. You know I had to add donkeys! LOL. I think we are long lost besties! I jsut wish we lived closer!


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