Oh Hey, Friday! {Confessions, Goals, Instagrams, & Blog Posts}

Hey Peachies! Welcome to my blog sweet blog. It's my favorite day of the week because...
Hello, Fri-YAY! Need I say more?

Fridays are awesome because Hello, Weekend. Except it's almost the end of our Spring Break. It's been a glorious week of nothingness and I've loved every second of it.

Now it's time to link up with Karli from September Farm for Oh Hey, Friday!

Here's how it goes.

You can join or just check out her fabulous blog. If you do you should read it from start to finish, you're sure to laugh, smile, and nod in agreeance the whole way through. She's a bubbly, gem of a person & that's just what I know from her blog. She keeps life real.

How does this link up work?

1. Well first off you list 5 things. They can be as random as you want or all about one subject, there are no real rules here.
2. You link up your post at the bottom of hers, not mine. I'm not that fancy.
3. Then you grab the button, from below & add it to yours.
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My five for today is a bunch of random ramblings so go our yourself a glass of wine or sweet tea, which ever strikes your fancy, kick off your shoes and stay a while.

1. April Goals
Since we're a week into April-now's the perfect time to set those goals, right?!? I thought so.

+ Work out 5 days a week

+ Eat healthy. Fresh fruits and veggies. No more junk

+ Read the Whole 30 so I can start that after my 28 day challenge

+ Get myself on a schedule that includes working out and time for journaling

+ Start my skin care regimen again

+ Clean one room a day

+ Spend at least one hour a day outdoors

+ Live more intentionally

+ Spend evenings more un-plugged

Peachy Keen Blog Goals
+ Create a sidebar button

+ Use the new signature I made

+ Use buffer to schedule Social Media/Blog posts

+ Change out my social media icons

+Learn how to gain more followers

Social Media Goals
+ Look into creating my own Instagram giveaway

+ Host a Follow Friday loop on Instagram

2. I Confess...
That I missed this week's I confess post with my sweet friends Courtney from Her Sailing Soul and Crystal from Hall Around Texas

I confess that this has been one of the best weeks in a really long time

I confess that I love sleeping in

I confess that I've already got Sunday blues

I confess that I'm looking forward to summer already

I confess that I'm excited my hubby took a couple days off work coming soon

I confess that exciting things are happening in my life and i'm loving it

I confess that I've loved spending most of this week at my parent's house, enjoying family time and sunshine

I confess that I'm super proud of my Willow for staying at my parent's house and not running off when we allow her to run free.
This is a major accomplishment this week

I confess that I'm not going to have nearly enough jewelry made to sell at the craft fair at my Grandma's church next Saturday but I do have hopes of having enough to sell by the craft fair in June

I confess that I have the need to go on adventure. I want to go somewhere fun

3. Photo Challenges
I'm having such a fun time participating in these three challenges with Sarah Emily Blogs,
Its Simply Lindsay & Helene In Between.

4. Instagram Pics
I think Instagram is gorgeous this time of year. All the bright colors and flowers come out. Everyone is outdoors at festivals and fun places.
I just love it! Here are a few of my Insta snaps lately.

Hello April. #30daysofapril #aprilphotochallenge #springhassprung #bloggerphotochlenge

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

Sunday Snuggles. #30daysofapril #aprilphotochallenge #bloggerphotochallenge

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

Too Faced cosmetics. #lesliesbeautifullife #abmlifeisbeautiful #syblbloggers #persuepretty #myunicornlife

A photo posted by {Leslie Soto} (@georgiapeachy31) on

For more Insta pics follow me georgiapeachy31

5. Blog Posts Re-Cap.
Week 13-My Favorite Things
10 Things {Dear Self}
Currently {Willow}

Dear Loves, if you've made it through my entire random ramblings post, we're meant to be. Thank you for allowing me to catch up!
May's goal is to NOT be a day late and a dollar short all the time.

Have a happy weekend? What are your plans?
I think i'm going to see if I can drag my crew to a park or something fun!

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  1. Love your IG photos!! This weekend we are taking the kids on a Disney cruise (we're driving to the port now as I type! I'm not driving, my husband is ;)

  2. Your goals are great! I'm hoping with the nicer weather coming it will make me even more motivated to workout more and eat healthier!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I love your wedding photos. I need to just copy and past your personal goals to my own list...we have the same list. :-)

  4. You should come to FL for somewhere fun! I can show you the donkeys, we can make jewelry, go to target-it will be great!

  5. What great goals you've created for yourself. It's all about balance and it seems you have that!

  6. Following you now everywhere--you have a really fun place here :) Also love your goals; I would love to get outdoors more often and clean a room a day -- what a great idea! And good on you for eating healthy and exercising more regularly. It's something I'm trying to do, too!

    Hope you're having a great weekend :)


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