10 Things {About Our Love Story}

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We all love a good love story, right? So go pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, kick off your shoes,
and get comfy while I tell you about the greatest love story in the history of ever.

Mine and my Hubby's Love Story, of course.

10 Things About Our Love Story

1. We met the summer after high school at a mutual friend's house.
I thought he was the best looking guy i'd ever laid eyes on.
He was always so nice and gave the best hugs.
Plus he smelled really good.

2. Life happened and we never dated but we stayed friends for 13 years.
Best friends. Bless him. He was always my go to man when it came to needing a shoulder
to cry on because my boyfriend did something that hurt me or I needed advice from a man's perspective.

3. He would also come over to fix my parent's computer from time to time.

4. One day he called me and said he was getting divorced. I listened and was his shoulder to cry on during that time.
But the day he called me and said he got another girl's # and was thinking about going out with her was the day I
became suddenly single.

5. I literally said "hold on, I have something to go do. I'll call you back," When I called him back I was single.
I knew I wasn't happy with the guy I was with. Dear Heavens. But I did know that I wanted to make myself
available in case he wanted to take our friendship to the next level. Casually I suggested we go out to dinner soon.

6. The next night we were out on a friend date. I honestly had no intentions of it being anything more.
We were sitting at dinner at O'Charley's when he told me that he was thinking about moving to
South Carolina. Suddenly I found myself feeling things I never expected to feel. I felt like my chances went
out the window. I was heartbroken.

7. After dinner we went to his house to watch a movie. I felt comfortable but in a way I had never perviously felt with
him or anyone else before. I laid my head in his lap as we watched he movie and he held my hand.
Still, I was oblivious as to what was going on here.

8. He dropped me off at home that night and gave me one of those hugs that I loved so much.
Then he did something unexpected! He kissed me. I'm not sure what happened next.
I was in it all the way at that point.

9. Almost a year later he proposed to me in our living room in front of our first Christmas tree.

10. Another year and nine months later we got married on the beach in Panama City, Florida.
6 months later we're living our happily ever after.

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  1. What a wonderful story! Isn't it crazy how life sometimes works? Love all your beautiful wedding photos in your header! Such a beautiful couple!

    1. Thank You! It sure is. Life always has a way of working out and like the quote says "if I could change anything, I'd go back and love you harder, for longer." That's how I feel about my husband now but those 13 years in between is what made us who we are today. We both learned a lot during that time so it wasn't really wasted. It was just making us perfect for each other.

  2. ok so I got chills and happy tears! this is so perfect! I love it! you and your hubby were just meant to be!

  3. So cool that you guys built an amazing friendship before dating/getting married. What a great foundation to build upon. Nate and I did the same thing, but only for a year before we started dating.

  4. How sweet! Its always nice to read how a relationship comes together.


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