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Hi Peachies! Welcome back to my blog sweet blog. Today's post is extra special because it's all about our sweet Willow pup.
How can you resist that face? We have a hard time. She's our sweet and wild, crazy girl.

She stole my heart on Facebook when our local pet store posted a picture of a puppy they had rescued and needed a home.
It just happened that this was days before my birthday and Valentine's Day!
My mom had no idea I was buttering my hubby up to get her when she went in the store to buy dog food for her dogs and came out fostering this sweet little scared pup.

Everyday after school my son and I go by my mom and dad's house so we saw her that day and took lots of pics to show my hubby.
Later that night I casually brought up the puppy I shared on Facebook and how mom was fostering her now.
I asked if we could have her?
His response was, i'll think about it.

So Tuesday we were at my mom and dad's house after school again but this time,
when we got ready to leave, my car wouldn't start.
My hubby had to come over after work to help my dad work on my car.
That's when he fell in love with her, too but it still took some convincing to let us have her.
When we were laying in bed that night I asked what he thought of her.
He said "she's cute" so again, I asked-can we have her?
"I'll think about it" was his response again.
But the next morning he called from work and said "I've thought about it.
You can have her. Happy Birthday."
And she came home with us that night and lives happily ever after.

It's been a while since I did Willow's Currently so it's time to catch up with her.
You can check out her previous two posts:
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Name: Willow

Nicknames: Wild Child, Little Miss

Age: 4 months

Weight: 35 lbs

Breed: Mastiff/ German Shepard Mix

Highlights: Running free with the other dogs at Mimi & Pa's house this week.
My parents live in the woods and have 4 other dogs right now and Willow was the only one who had to be leashed until this week.
We've all been spending a lot of time outside this week and letting her run free.
She stays in the yard with everyone else!

And she tells on herself if she gets into something she's not supposed to have by barking at it.

Lows: She ate a ThermaCare wrap out of the trash can a couple weeks ago. We had no idea what to do so we called our vet and he said "In all my years i've never had this happen."
That's not a good sign but between he, my husband & I we figured it out.
Let's just say it wasn't pretty but it saved us a trip to the emergency vet.

We also learned that puppies with short hair around 4 months old often get mites. Guess what she has? Mites! They're not contagious and you can't see them. In fact, the vet must know me well or saw my face of sheer terror when he said that because he said "you don't have to throw away bedding." Good thing since she sleeps in our bed. She was so itchy and her fur was missing in some places. Now that she's on antibiotics and a gel medicine she's getting so much better.

Loves: Being outside, rough housing with her Dad, sleeping, watching tv and running free.

Dislikes: Taking medicine, essential oils & the Swiffer.

Favorite Toy: She still loves her stuffless owl. He's been in surgery several times now.

Favorite Treats: Bull horns, lamb bones, bully sticks and deer antlers.

Best Friend: Drago; my mom's 1 year old German Shepard and Lola, the German Shepard puppy my mom and dad are taking care of for a little bit.

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  1. She was meant to be part of your family! I just adore her and love seeing snaps of her everyday. She's a precious pup!

    1. Thank You! She really was meant to be because the hubby & I had a list of reasons why we couldn't get a dog right now. We had agreed on them but then she came along and stole all of our hearts. She reminds us all so much of our beloved Duke who passed away two years ago.


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