10 Things {Thought I'm Having Right Now}

Hey Peachies! I'm going to cut right to the chase today because it's already 1:28 and I have to leave in an hour to get my son from school. It's only Tuesday and this week is already kicking my booty, probably because last week was Spring Break. Enough about that though because it's time for 10 on Tuesday with the sweet, energetic, and inspiring Karli Bell from September Farms. So cheers to that!

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10 Thoughts I'm Having Right Now.

1. Why is the dog acting like she's a cat on a sugar high?
Oh, because she's on an antihistamine gel that makes her cray-zee.
She's running around the living room and jumping on the furniture,
destroying her toy box and eating her bull horn on the back
of the couch.

2. Sun, either come out and stay out or go away.
You're really toying with me today playing hide and seek.

3. I wonder if I can get out of cooking dinner tonight?
That would be the third time i've had stuff ready for
tacos and didn't make them in two weeks though.
So no, probably not.

4. I wonder if I can take a nap at my mom and dad's house after I get my buddy from school?
I think i'll go snuggle in my bed there, with my Chance cat and just sleep.

5. Target. I love you. I visited you three times in three days.
That's a new personal record.
You just get me. You and your dollar spot.

6. I can't wait to try the Miss Meyer's Peony cleaner and
the JR Watkins multi surface Coconut cleaner I just bought at Target.
I had grand plans for today then I sat down on the couch.

7. Folding laundry as I pull it out of the dryer is the greatest thing i've ever thought of.
I feel like I'm spending 1/2 the time I used to doing laundry.

8. Dog. At what point will you understand that the "puppy" in the fireplace is your reflection and stop trying to attack her?

9. I just heard on The Happy Hour podcast that Jen Hatmaker is getting a show on HGTV.
How do I get a show on HGTV?
Would anyone watch it?
A film crew could follow us around while my family and I would have endless glasses of wine
and puppy playing time with our friends
while the men grilled.
Oh, and naps. Lots of naps.
Yeah, that would probably not be a fun show to watch.

10. Basically this.
I hope when my husband gets home tonight he just throws chocolate at me and tells me i'm pretty. Not really. But kinda.
It would be nice if he snuggles with me on the couch and lets me fall asleep drooling on him.
True story. Every night.
That's how I know it's true love.
I win at life today because the dog & I survived. The kid, too and that's a huge accomplishment since I had zero energy and
a monster sized headache. Oh, and I gave the dog her cray-zee meds all on my own.
I didn't wait on my hubby to get home which means
by the time he gets home she'll be an angel. You're welcome honey.

and this my friends, is how you pop out a post in an hour. Nice talk friends. Thanks for sticking around even on the not so good days.

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  1. haha such cute honesty! and YESS Target's Dollar section is so amazing. My bf just ginores me everytime we walk in and I make a beeline! lol

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. Thank You! You made my day! My hubby knows that i'm going to drift off to the dollar spot every time we go into Target. He just stops and lets me do my thing!

  2. I love this post! Made me laugh!

    1. Thank You so much! I'm happy that it brought you joy!

  3. I have having the same thoughts about the sun! Either come or go!!! Have a great week!

    1. This weather is so iffy here in Ga lately. One day it's sunny & 75 and i'm wearing shorts, the next it's 50 and cold and I'm wearing hoodies. It's really playing with my emotions! :P

  4. I have the same feeling about the sun. The weather has been so dang bipolar. I am like just make up your mind already! I remember when my dog was a puppy and he saw his reflection in the mirror and he started barking. I will admit it was cute and funny. Oh target. It truly is the devil. I could buy almost everything in there.

    1. This Georgia weather is bi-polar lately. One day it's sunny & 75 and i'm wearing shorts, the next it's 50 and cold and I'm wearing hoodies. It puts me in a funk and I don't like it. Our puppy is hitting the "teenage" puppy years. She's 5 months old but it feels a lot like having a three-nager again. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm doing! She's so hyper but she's finally off those meds so my hope is that she'll settle down some now. And yes, Target is the devil. I was there 4 days in a row this week! FOUR! I finally said "that's it, I'm not going back." Even thought I thought of something else I needed. I've already forgotten what it was though. :P

  5. I adore you! Target is my downfall to productivity everyday! If I am not in store, I am online looking haha. I hope you got some chocolates tonight!

    1. You make my day! I've been having an icky week but your sweet comments always make me smile! Target is my excuse for everything! Not even kidding, I was in there 4 days in a row this week. Ooops...Sorry. Not sorry. Luckily I found some kit kats that I was supposed to throw away for my 28 day beachbody challenge. Let's not even talk about that. The kitkats have been my saving grace this week.

  6. Such a fun post idea. Haha I feel the same way about sun, don't like when it plays peek-a-boo. Oh I hear ya, I can spend hours at Target and still go back the next day for more, addiction ;)
    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

    1. Thank You! I really enjoyed this post. It was so much fun to just type what was on my mind. Honesty is the best policy, right?! And yes, i'm with you on Target. I went 4 days in a row this week! It is a serious addiction!

  7. I love the idea of a show about naps, that way it could be interactive and I could nap too! And I wouldn't miss anything! I think it's a fabulous idea. :)
    Also, yes to Target. It does just get me. Somehow, it gets all of us. It's like it's a witch.

    1. Hahaha! I already love the way you think! An interactive napping show-We're on to something! It's like life would pause so we could all sleep in unison then get back at it! And yea, Target is pretty evil but i'm not sorry for my addiction!

  8. My dog acts like a cat all the time. It's crazy!

    1. At least i'm not alone here. Mine acts like a cat but has nothing to do with the cat. It's pretty funny. Or it was until my hubby noticed she has been eating on the back of the sofa where she lays, like a cat! That got her in a bit of trouble last night. Ooops.


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