Confessional Thursday

Hey Peachies! Today is a super fun day because it's the first day i'm participating in I Confess with my sweet blogger friends Courtney from Her Sailing Soul and Crystal from Hall Around Texas. I've also just discovered the adorable founder of this link up Jessica//The Newly Blog

I confess...

+ I feel bad for not doing Easter Bunny for my 13 year old.
He's not into all that anymore though. {Sad mommy face}

+ I'm more excited about Spring Break next week than my son is, I think.
Sleeping in? Yes please! Having no plans? I'm beyond excited.

+ I'm thankful for my hard working husband. Beyond thankful, actually.
But i'll be glad when his big projects are done and we can have him back.

+ My hubby and I have only spent two nights apart since we got engaged (Two and half years).
One was when he was stuck in snow jam 14. The other, the night before our wedding.
Number three is coming soon. (insert sad face emoji).

+ It's supposed to start storming here today and i'm okay with it.
I'm ready for some lazy, rainy weather.

+ I have intentions of finishing reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please.
And the Whole 30. {And starting the Whole 30 program}

+ Smoothies have become my favorite thing in the world.
It makes getting fruits and veggies in so much easier.

+ I'm actually obsessed with fresh fruits and veggies right now.
I heart our local Farmer's Table Market.

+ I never had a green thumb before but currently I have 22 plants.
And am growing sage and thyme. And I love it!

+ Lately i've been thinking a lot my son.
He's 13! Life is about to gel real.
It won't be long and he'll be off with his friends and spending less time with us.
I just pray that i've done a good job making him into a young adult at that point.

+ A swiffer was the best purchase i've made in a while.
It made me ridiculously happy.

+ I heard a story recently about T. Swift inviting a celeb (I forget which one) to be a part of her "squad" or
"crew", whatever they call it. The celeb declined saying something about not wanting to belong to a clique.
I wish I could remember what celeb it was because I would send her a big virtual hug for being her own person
and not needing to belong to a "clique" to be relevant. Amen Sister! Thanks for teaching young girls across America
to be your own person. A "clique" doesn't define you and it definitely won't define your worth.

+ All I feel like doing today is snuggling on the couch in my sweats.
I was going to clean the bathrooms today but I probably won't.
Being dirty one more day won't hurt anything-will it?

+ I post so many snaps and Instas of my puppy.
But I love her so. She's a wild mess but she's my fur child.
And she's the only living being in my family that willingly lets me take pics.

+ I'm dying to get my highlights re-done but I haven't scheduled time with my hairdresser.
Speaking of my hairdresser, she's the most awesome. She's practically family & I love time with her.

+ I've had a gift certificate for a massage since August but I haven't booked it yet.
I have no idea what to expect from a massage. I've never had one.
Do they hurt? Do you get naked? Do you wear lingere?
Awkward but true questions I have.

+ I need to get my jewelry inspected but I have no desire to go anywhere anytime soon.

+ I'm still thinking about (and craving) the wings we made for dinner last night.
They were incredibly good. I was planning on having leftovers (and I do have about 6)
but my family destroyed about 30 wings (there's only 3 of us).
We made hot wings and butter herb wings.
I added honey to my hot wings and they were mouth watering good.

+ I'm excited about the Six by Summer Challenge I'm doing with my sweet friend Kayla//Polished and Bubbly. You can read that post here Six by Summer

+ I'm not sure I'm loving the way SnapChat just rolls through everyone's snaps now.
It usually takes me a minute to figure out whose pics I'm looking at, by then it's too late to comment.
So I go back and watch their snaps again so I can comment.

+ I'm obsessed with mermaid fabric.
I'm not obsessed with the price.
Mermaid Fabric

+ I love the half up top knot.
On everyone but me.
I'm wearing it today, trying to feel good about it.

Y'all, I could go on and on with these confessions but i'll leave you with these.
I'm a good listener so share your confessions with me.

Lay them on me. It feels good to get it off your heart.

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  1. I have a 20 year old and 16 year old. I barely did anything for them for Easter. It can be hard on a Mom as they get older and are just not into the traditions. I haven't read Yes, Please yet and will be checking out Six by Summer

    1. It is harder on my mama heart. I'm just blessed that he's growing up and turning into a wonderful young man. Six by Summer is awesome! We'd love to have you join us!

  2. I would love to be able to stay at home and snuggle all day. Oh how I wish I was still young and could go on spring break. Which typically meant sleeping in and working. Massages are amazing! I love doing deep tissue because even though you may be a little sore afterwards, the knots,etc are loosened up. For me I carry I lot of my stress in my shoulders and lower back, so getting that all worked out with a massage is the best feeling ever. So I highly recommend you get one. They have different types of massages that fit your needs and you can always talk to the massage therapist about what you want.

    1. Thank You for your comment and all the info about massages. I carry tension in my shoulders and lower back, too. I'm thinking about an aromatherapy massage. I'm more pumped up about getting a massage now! Thank You!

  3. Aw I feel ya on the having nights apart from your hubby! I can't handle when my boyfriend's not beside me at night. I think we've had a total of 3 nights apart too. :(

    Christie's Take on Life. x

    1. I'm not going to be totally alone. I have my son and dog with me but that doesn't replace snuggling up next to my hubby. It's just so nice to be with someone who I don't want to be without!

  4. Haha I completely adore you! We should live closer so us and our pups can hang out. Yasss to smoothies-they are my jam lately! And massages are so insanely blissful..I have had 4 professional ones done in my lifetime. They definitely do not hurt. You can specify the pressure beforehand and if you change your mind half way through, the therapists can change it. As far as what to wear, it is really personal preference! I want to get to my hair dresser too. Since our wedding is over, I want to do something more exciting with my hair!

    1. Sarah~I love you! I totally wish we lived closer so we could have coffee dates and puppy dates, too! My little girl needs more friends. LOL. She's got my mom's dogs but she's still wild so she doesn't have more yet! I'm getting more pumped up about getting a massage now that everyone has given me such great advice! I love going to my hairdresser. I get to go get my hair highlighted again in about a month! Woo! I haven't gotten it done since our wedding.

  5. This is just such a delightful snapshot into your world - thank you so much for sharing some of yourself with us! Yes, Please is definitely a must read, and my blogging best friend wrote a ton about Whole30 on our blog recently! You should check it out:


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