Week 11-Favorite T.V. Shows

Hi Peachies! Happy Monday. I know Mondays are no fun but this 52 week challenge with Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs makes Mondays so much more fun! I look forward to Mondays for this very reason.

Today's Blogger Challenge is Favorite T.V. shows.
I'm not a huge t.v. person but I definitely have my favorite shows.

Lip Sync Battle
My favorites are Jenna Dewan Tatum vs her hubby, Channing Tatum and Kaley Cucoco vs Josh Gad. It's hilarious and thoughtless fun.

Fixer Upper
First of all Chip & Joanna are a dynamic duo. So hilarious together and you can tell they are truly in love and respect one another.
Second of all, can they find me a house and demo/decorate it? Please?

I Love Kellie Pickler
I'm a southern girl so of course I love Kellie Pickler. I fell in love with her bubbly personality on American Idol and haven't stopped since.
She and her hubby are quiet hilarious together, too. I love how real she is. She seems like the kind of girl who could be everyone's best friend.

The Walking Dead
Totally my hubby's fault that I'm addicted to this show. It's the only one we sit down when it comes on and watch.
When we started dating I had never seen the show, I was afraid of everything remotely scary and zombies fell under that category
but I started watching it on Netflix with him and was hooked before long.

Dinner at Tiffani's
I grew up watching her as Kelly Capowski on Saved By The Bell and have loved her ever since.
When I saw she had her own cooking show coming on I was hooked. I love how she throws a dinner party with her friends pretty much all the time!

Jep & Jessica Growing the Dynasty
I've been a huge fan of the Robertsons since they came on the scene. I love the family values and morals they teach.
I truly believe that they live by them even now that they are famous.
It seems like it's hard to find shows on you can enjoy as a family but this is one of them.
I love seeing the Robertsons growing as a family.

Southern Charm
It's my guilty pleasure.
If you've never seen this show it's on Bravo and it follows a group of friends, (privileged) friends around South Carolina. Like every reality show, it's a train wreck but I love the Southern setting.

The Big Bang Theory

As you can see, my taste in shows is all over the place and for someone who said she doesn't watch a lot of t.v., there are quiet a few here. Ooops. But seriously, I usually catch up on all of them On Demand when I get the chance.

What are your favorite t.v. shows?
Which one is your guilty pleasure?

Join us for the 52 week blogger challenge.

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  1. All the praise hands for Fixer Upper! I can't get enough of Chip and JoAnna! They are awesome. And I had no clue that Kellie Pickler had her own show! Wow!

    1. Fixer Upper is amazing! Hands down my favorite show because of their relationship, their faith, and the fixer uppers they do are amazing. If I could have any one re-do my house it would be them. No doubt about it! And Kellie Pickler's show is on CMT (they're between seasons right now) but it's the most adorable and fun reality show out there.

  2. I'm always looking for new shows since we always run out of things to watch. Thank you for this list.

    1. You're welcome. I hope you enjoy these shows. I totally forgot Ellen, too but I love Ellen's talk show. She's so genuine and giving.

  3. I LOVE lip sync battle too! I didn't know Kellie Pickler had a show, I've always loved her since idol!!

    1. Lip Sync Battle is awesome! I love seeing the celebrities go against one another. Some of them it's out of their comfort zone which is part of what makes it awesome! And Kellie Pickler's show is adorable! She's so genuine and down to earth. She seems like the kind of girl that you'd be BFFs with. You can also follow her on snapchat!!!!

  4. We love The Walking Dead! I'm also obsessed with just about anything on HGTV :)

    1. TWD was one that took me a while to get into but now that I am I love it! My hubby and I sit down every week to watch it and no one better mess with us during that hour. And we love just about anything on HGTV, too!

  5. TWD is such a good show! I love Rick :) I haven't seen it in a while though so I have some catching up to do!


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