10 Things {I Can't Get Enough Of}

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10 Things I Can't Get Enough Of

1. Strawberry Shortcake M&Ms
These things are my kryptonite. I ate 3 bags in one week!!

2. Sunshine
I'm absolutely in love with this time of year. The sun is shining, it's in the mid 70's, it's Heavenly.

3. Dancing in the kitchen with my hubby.
He started this silly thing where he would dance with me in the kitchen at random times.
I usually laugh at him and roll my eyes but secretly (not so secretly now), I love it.

4. Looking at our wedding pictures.
I look at them every day and they flood me with so many happy memories.
I tell him I would marry him every day of my life and I would.

5. Puppy Kisses.
I love puppy kisses. Always have. But since we got Willow I love them even more and she's very kissy.
{I don't mean make out kind but just kisses on the face.}

Cute Willow Story
My son is sick today so he's staying home from school so our morning routine is totally thrown off.
Usually I put Willow in his bed to wake him up but since she was asleep this morning when I got up I just left her in our bed.
When she got up she came running downstairs crying and jumped on the couch with me.
She was so happy to see me she crawled up on me and covered me in puppy kisses.
It was the sweetest thing ever.

6. Conversations With My Teenage Son.
It still surprises me that I have a teenage son but he amazes me daily.
Of course him growing up is bittersweet but I can honestly say that i've enjoyed every stage of his life.
He's growing into an adult now and we can have conversations about things that matter
(not just Pokemon-thank you Jesus!)

7. Speaking of Jesus.
I can't get enough of my time with Jesus.
I love starting every day off with prayers before I do anything else.
Then doing my daily devotional in quiet while drinking my morning coffee.
It's the perfect start to my day.

8. My Planner.
I have about three but my favorite is the one I won from Chicfetti's giveaway at the beginning of the year.
I'm really in love with it and planning my blog posts.
This has been a game changer for me.
I never knew there was a whole world of blog planning addicts out there-Hello, I'd like to introduce myself.

9. Time With My Brother And Sister In Law.
I love all of my family and friends equally.
Really I do,
but I rarely get to spend time with them so the time we do spend together so when we do it's the best.
My brother and I have always been close but now that we're both married it's even more fun to be together.

10. Mani/Pedis.
I've only done this twice. Twice, y'all! I never liked anyone to touch my feet so I had never had a pedi until August.
My girls and I went shopping and got our nails done for my bachelorette shower and they convinced me to get a pedi.
Since then i'm addicted.
I try to save this for special occasions (my wedding & birthday so far) but I could get them
once a week because it's seriously that relaxing. Anyone for a spa day?

So now that you know what I can't get enough of tell me what you can't get enough of.

And don't forget to link up with Karli and the rest of us. I'd love to see your 10 things!

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  1. Replies
    1. Aww, thank you sweets! That's totally my favorite. My hubby is the best. He's this tough guy but he has the most sensitive, romantic, thoughtful side, too. Just don't tell him I told you.

  2. awe, these are perfect!!! and i love to dance in the kitchen :)

    1. Thank You Sweet Friend! These things really do make me so happy. Dancing in the kitchen is the best, isn't it? When my son was young we used to turn up his jams and have dance parties in the kitchen!

  3. Strawberry Shortcake M&Ms I need to try these!

    1. You'll be addicted. You can only find them at Target. I told my hubby yesterday that I'm on restriction from them but secretly i'm planning an attack for more tomorrow.

  4. I haven't tried the Strawberry Shortcake M&Ms. Are they a special Easter edition? I haven't even seen them! They sound delicious. I am stuck on the Laffy Taffy Jelly beans. Especially the yellow ones! Yum! Yes to sunshine. I love it. And dancing in the kitchen will forever be one of my favorite things!! Wedding pictures bring back so many awesome memories. And you have some good ones, friend!! Why do our babies have to grow so darn fast? Isn't it amazing how much better a day can be just by starting it off with time with Jesus?!

    1. Girl, you must get like 5 bags because they are that good. They're a Target exclusive and I do believe they're a special Easter edition. I told my hubby yesterday that I'm banning myself from them but it looks like I need to run to Target tomorrow for puppy pads so some may just "fall" into my basket. I'm afraid to try the Laffy Taffy jelly beans because I don't need another thing to be addicted to. Sunshine is the best! Willow & I just spent an hour sitting on the front porch enjoying it! Dancing in the kitchen is always the best! And I love wedding pics. You're so sweet for saying that. The beach was definitely a gorgeous background! I'll never know why our babies grow so fast but they sure do. I love every second with mine, even the bad ones. And I love starting my day off with Jesus. It makes my whole day so much better. Now if I could just find time for yoga again!

  5. Such a great list of things! I haven't heard of the Strawberry shortcake M&M's and my guess is we will never see them up here in Canada (especially since Target is no longer haha). And mani-pedis are the BEST I am definitely going to have to go get one in the next couple weeks!

    1. No Target?! No way! But I found out you can order the M&Ms off Target's website. http://www.target.com/p/m-ms-strawberry-shortcake-easter-8-oz/-/A-49166812#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=strawberry+shortcake+m%26ms

      You should do it. You won't regret it at all! And I could use a mani/pedi. They are totally awesome!

  6. I love this list! I had no idea that they made strawberry shortcake M&Ms so now I am not a mission to find them!! and puppy kisses ALL DAY please ;)

  7. Aw I love this.
    The mention of sunshine made me sad, because we're coming out of Summer and in to Autumn over here, sigh. BUT the mention of puppy kisses made my infinitely happy because I JUST GOT A PUPPY MYSELF AND I'M SO RIDICULOSLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! Haha.

    Christie's Take on Life. x

  8. No. 4 my favourite. I have been married for 15 yrs, and still love to see my wedding picts. :)

  9. I imagined you with your hubby and I think these moments are the happiest ones.

  10. Strawberry shortcake m & m's! I have yet to see these! I bet they are yummy! Puppy kisses are the best. I have not been to get a pedi in so long! I love getting them though!

  11. YASSSSS to planners! i love mine so much. i love using the different colored pens, the washi tape...just everything.


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