February Currently +Weekending

Hi Peachies! Welcome to Monday. This has been the Mondayest Monday in a long time but i'm not dwelling on that.

How was your weekend? Mine was perfect. My hubby had the weekend off, which is a rare thing these days and the weather was stunning.
Sunny and highs in the mid sixties so my honey wanted to take advantage of that and smoke something on the grill.

We ordered Chinese and had plans of watching Fuller House like every other American family.
We only made it through one episode before Netflix went on the fritz.
So like an old married couple, my hubby & I fell asleep with the dog before 9:30 while our kid stayed up and played X-Box. #Winning

My hubby took my car for new tires. Adulting is so much fun, y'all!
Willow and I started the morning off with coffee and snuggles on the couch.
Then my hubby fired up the smoker and got the ribs ready to go on.
He spent the day with Willow outside smoking while I ran to the store and cleaned house. I gave our bathroom a mini make over, too.
Then my parent's came to dinner with us.

It was a wonderful evening, filled with lots of love and happiness.

Morning no one wanted to get moving, especially not Willow.

We spent more time snuggled on the couch, drinking coffee and watching two more episodes of Fuller House.

My hubby & I had to go to the mall to get my engagement ring repaired again and I wanted to stop by B&BW to get more Stress Relief body wash.
My hubby treated me to all this. He's truly the best.

Then we came home and relaxed.

I colored and enjoyed having our windows open in the house while my hubby & Willow napped.

We ended the weekend watching The Walking Dead and going to bed early, again. We're cool like that.

And since today is the last day of February I have to do my February Currently.

Enjoying...Our clean house, this gorgeous 70* weather and the Wallflower scents in my house right now.

Wishing For...a nap.

Loving...the time i've had with my hubby lately and the mini bathroom makeover I did this weekend.
And i'm loving my new Tiffany Blue Converse, the wallflowers from B&BW and a new magaize I found called Willow & Sage.

I'm also loving this picture of our Sweet Willow.

Looking Forward To...when my hubby & son are home tonight so we can Netflix & chill.

Smelling...Modern Mint candle. It smells so amazing.

Wearing...black running shorts, mint green cami and my purple hana tank from Hawaii.

Feeling...happy, relaxed, refreshed and a bit exhausted.

Bookmarking...Bull Mastiff videos and blogging tweets.

Reading...Amy Poehler's Yes Please and Willow & Sage magazine.

Watching...Willow pushing an empty orange juice jug all over the kitchen.

Listening (to)...a bird chirping and my wild child dog.

Eating...the smoked ribs my hubby cooked on Saturday.

Cooking...nothing right now. Planning dinner for tonight though.

Drinking...Water. All the water.

Texting...no one lately. That's surprising.

Pinning...My blog ladies' posts. There are some really great ones, ya'll!

Instagramming...lots of Willow pics, what i'm coloring and all the things my hubby bought me yesterday.

Snapchatting...Wine, Willow, and the Weekend.

Tweeting...Blog posts.

Loving these blog posts...Y'all! I'm awful! I haven't had time to read anyone's blog posts lately.

Starting...To pick up my blog posting again.

Finishing...the laundry. Always.

Loving This Make-Up...BareMinerals everything!

Trying to beat the rainy Tuesday blues. #Tuesdaysarehard #donteanttoadult #nope

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Shopping Here...Southern Belles & Bows Boutique.

Loving these purchases...
I just want to hang with my dog tee.

Super cute new tee shirt from @thedailytay!!! I heart it. #happymail #ijustwanttohangwithmydog

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And my new coffee table tray with spring decorations.

Birthday gift card spent on this adorable set up. #springhassprung #succulents #peonies #lesliessparkofhappiness

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Using these essential oils...I'm currently obsessed with my fresh air oil.

This Is My Jam...Carrie Underwood-Smoke Break.

What are you currently obsessed with?

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  1. again, willow is SO cute!! and we watched fuller house that friday night, too because TGIF!!! so glad you had a great weekend

    1. Thank You so much sweet friend! Willow is our sweetheart. Ddi you finish the season of Fuller House yet? We haven't. We're savoring it. I just love your sweet comments!


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