March Goals

Hey Peachies! It's the beginning of the month and that means it's time to talk goals. As in, all the ones I didn't accomplish because a 15 pound ball of fluff and love came into our lives on February 3rd. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat or if you've read my blog before, you know who I'm talking about. If not, you can catch up Meet Willow

Let's talk Goals.
February Goals

1. Schedule next month's goals post at the end of this month so they go live on March 1.
This was a fail since it's now March 3rd and this is just going live.

2. Find a family practitioner and possibly a dermatologist.
Again. Fail.

3. Make an eye appt for my son.
Big fat fail!

4. Make a batch of goodies for family & friends. Just because.
Well, I made my hubby banana pudding. Does that count?

5. Have the family over at least once for dinner.
This we did! We had my parents come over and grilled out last weekend!

6. Wash all the windows (inside and out) downstairs.
I wonder what I was thinking when I made this goal?

7. Write at least 3 blog posts per week.
Nope. I blame Willow. She's basically a furry toddler.

8. Finish reading Yes Please.

9. Yoga and Cize 5 days a week.
I'm really funny with these goals!

10. Go walking when it's not flooding (today is not a good day to start this goal.)
Well, yeah because we got a puppy who has to be walked multiple times a day!

11. Spend Sunday ironing A's work clothes and making Dylan lunches for school.
I did this once.

12. Eat out less.
Mission accomplished.

13. Don't spend $ on un-necessary things (make-up, nail polish.)
This one was so so. I didn't spend AS much!

14. Use the new social media icons I bought for my blog.
Nope, Haven't had time for my poor neglected blog.

15. Make a button for my blog.
See above.

16. Figure out how to add Disqus to my blog.
Again. See #14.

17. Order our Hawaiian Honeymoon memory book from Shutterfly.
Sadly, no.

18. Make at least 6 new pieces of jewelry to sell.
Nope. The puppy tends to eat beads so there's been no reason to even get them out with her around.

I'm going to be forgiving of myself here since we got Willow. When I wrote these goals for February out I had no idea we'd be getting a puppy.
Trust me when I say she came in like a wrecking ball and had syphoned all the energy out of me like a furry midget. I've got nothing right now friends. So March's Goals are a continuation of February's, but toned down a bit. And if I fail this month, too then Oh, Well! I'll get back on the Crazy Train and head out of Strugglesville as soon as this puppy grows up.

March Goals


-Make my son an eye doctor appt.

-Finish reading Yes Please.

-Spend Sundays ironing my hubby's work clothes and make D lunch for the week.

-Get wedding and honeymoon pics printed.

-Spend one night a week snuggled on the couch with my hubby, no distractions.

-Do yoga at least 3 times a week.

-Start my Daily Devotional group back on Facebook.

-Make at least one new recipe a week.

-Make goodies for someone just because.

-Spend less money on un-necessary things.


-Use the sidebar buttons I purchased.

-Make a blog button.

-Post at least 3xs a week.

-Be more intentional in my blog groups.

-Spend one day a week reading everyone else's posts.

-Focus on growing my Twitter.

-Add Discus to my blog.


-Make a center piece for our kitchen table.

-Make a new wreath for the front door.

-Make at least 4 new pieces of jewelry.

Share with me some of your goals for March. I need some inspiration!

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  1. You had a TON of goals for February. I'm cracking up at your commentary/reporting on not meeting them. I love that despite having quite a few goals wall to the wayside, you're still at it for the month of March! Good luck girl!

    1. Thank You! If you can't beat 'em then laugh at 'em, am I right? Laughter is the best medicine. I think I went overboard with the goals in Feb. What can I say? I want to be an overachiever but life happens!

  2. Oh gosh getting a puppy sounds wonderful and no wonder if threw off your goals for the month!! That's okay a ball of fluff is worth it!!
    Disqus is super easy to install and awesome to use!!
    Yes Please is a fabulous book she has so many good stories! Hope you can get through it!
    Good luck on all your goals!! And if you are interested I host a monthly goal link up on my blog, would love for you to join!

  3. Aha aww I guess we can't have wins every single month now can we? I like your good natured humour towards your "fails" - that's definitely the attitude to have. :)
    Best of luck with this month's set of goals! x

  4. It's sad how long finishing a book stays on my to do list lol. This is a great list. It sounds like you have an awesome month ahead.


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