Life Lessons Learned

Hey Y'all. I took a few days off from blogging to enjoy time with my family. This was our last weekend of summer break so we soaked up every minute of it.

Friday night my honey and I went to one of his co-worker's wedding and got to enjoy some time with friends.

I have found the one my soul loves. #lesliessparkofhappiness #sotosinlove #loveisyou

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The rest of the weekend was spent with family and getting things ready for this week. It was relaxing and low key, just what we needed.

And today I am the Mom of an 8th Grader!

I'm still trying to figure out how that happened and where time went but it got me thinking, since I have middle schooler now who is on the edge of becoming a mini adult, about some of the life lessons i've learned.

These lessons aren't taught in school but I think they're every bit as important. If not even more so.

Life Lessons I've Learned

+ Friends are going to come and go.
Oh the sermons I could preach on this one. I really could but I choose not to because some of those friendships got me where I am today.
It is because of some of them that I have my son and my husband.
Because of all of them, good and bad, I have myself.
I've learned from all of them and gotten a little bit stronger with every single time I had to fight for myself and through those times
I found myself.

+ Don't take out loans and use credit cards unless absolutely necessary.
This advice comes from my Daddy. He's not into credit cards and had always advised my brothers and I against them.
They're great for emergencies, not for Target shopping sprees.

+ Learn from other's mistakes.
"A wise man learned from others mistakes, a fool from his own."
We're all human, we're all going to be the fool sometimes but we should be the wise man.
Take the lessons others have given you and use them to your advantage.
I feel like so much of what I believe in and what I do comes from seeing the mistakes others have made and listening
to the advice that's given to me.

+ Remember Compliments
It's inevitable that we're going to hear the insults. Someone is always going to judge us and critique us, it's human nature but those
are not the things we need to remember. Remember the compliments. The other day my Grandma said to me "He's so handsome" talking about
my son. And i'm partial, I know he is but it kinda made me tear up a little because to her, he's perfect. She doesn't look at him and see
a young man with shaggy hair, teeth that need braces or eyes that need a check up. She sees him as her perfect the way he is grandson.
If we could all see ourselves through those eyes and be more forgiving of ourselves maybe we could be more loving of others, too.

+ Don't worry.
The things we often worry about are the things that never happen.
The real troubles in our lives happen out of no where. They're never the things we see coming.
They're the things that strike us on an ordinary Wednesday while we're doing laundry in our sweats.
Or while we're walking through Target on a Friday shopping.

+ Don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
There's a fine line between helping someone out and doing everything for them.
Maybe i'm a bit cold heated this way but it's important to protect myself from people who only drain me.

+ Don't be afraid to act silly.
I can thank my husband for this one. I was definitely too shy to act silly until we started living together.
It is because of his impromptu dances in the kitchen and crazy loud singing together that I am able to cut loose and be silly now.
Mutual silliness is the best silliness.

If you could share any piece of advice, what would you share?

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