Oh Hey, Friday! {Retail Therapy}

Happy Fri-YAY Peachies! I'm super excited about this Friday because it means we've survived one whole week of school and we did it with minimal mishaps. I mean, there may have been frozen pancakes served for breakfast one morning and we may have gotten caught up in a senior parade and my child might have asked me how long it would take to print out pictures 5 minutes before we walked out the door this morning but we made it. I'd like to say thank you to the Keurig makers and to the coffee makers. Also, I'd like to thank the makers of energy tea and Coke products, too because without them this week wouldn't have been possible.

Yes, that's all that has gotten me through this week. Caffeine. And a shopping trip yesterday because something else fun is happening this weekend. We're going to a wedding. Weddings are my love language y'all and i'm seriously excited to be officially welcoming my cousin's soon to be wife, Alex in to the family. (Yes my husband's name is Alex, too!) Tomorrow is the big day for this sweet girl and I'm so excited for her and my cousin. Y'all can be on the look out on Instagram for pictures tomorrow evening. I'm sure it'll be a beautiful event.

Since it's Fri-YAY it's time for Oh Hey Friday with Karli from September Farm. I'm going to confess here, y'all. I've been a shopping queen lately. Okay, so mostly it's been for the weddings we've been going to but shopping is therapy, right?!? So i'm going to share with you 5 things i've bought lately. Don't worry honey, it's therapy, it's covered by insurance. Oh, no?!? It's not?!? Well, it makes me happy so there's that.

Five Things {Retail Therapy}

1. ELF Cosmetics Make Up Brushes
I had to snag these brushes up when I found them for .50-$1.00 a piece last week.
They've quickly become some of my favorite brushes for applying eye shadow/liner and blending.
They're brushes that belong in every girl's brush container.

2. Cover Girl Tru Naked Roses Palette
This picture does this palette no justice. It has the most gorgeous shimmery gold and rosey tones.
I love using the golds as eye liner or as a highlighter. It really is everything.

* I went into Francesca's yesterday looking for accessories to wear with the outfit I bought for the wedding tomorrow
and ended up with this gorgeous bracelet and all the other accessories to follow.*

3. Gold Bracelet from Francesca's

4. Gold & Blush Earrings

5. Champagne Tassel Necklace

And because i'm not done, you get one more bonus item.

6. Gold and Tan Clutch

So that's what i've been buying lately. I'm obsessed with the outfit i'm wearing tomorrow so stay tuned to see the whole thing put together.

Happy Fri-YAY Peachies!

P.S.-I may have bought this shirt from Francesca's on line, too.
Yes Way Rose

Now, go pour yourself a glass of Rose and enjoy the weekend.

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