August National Days

Hi Peachies! Happy August! We're two days in to this month and I already feel like i'm on a roller coaster. My sweet son starts 8th grade on Monday, which makes me so sad. I've had a wonderful summer with him and I love having him home with me. But it's also one month closer to my one year anniversary with my hubby and then the holidays come! YAY! I'm more than excited about that.

Speaking of celebrations...i'm bringing back the Monthly National Days. I stopped doing them because they were silly but sometimes we need some silliness in our lives and who doesn't love a reason to celebrate.

So cheers to Augusts' National Days

Today is National Coloring Book Day and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which is a day I can totally celebrate. I'm also looking forward to celebrating S'mores Day/Lazy Day, Filet Mignon Day, Relaxation Day, Thrift Shop Day, Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, Waffle Day, Dog Day, & Just Because Day.

What days will you celebrate this month?

If you could make up your own National Day what would it be?
I would love to have National Get Pampered Day.
A day where you could go to your favorite spa and get massages, mani/pedis and drink wine and eat cupcakes. Then go to your favorite hairdresser and get your hair done. Then go shopping for a fabulous new outfit and go on a super romantic date with your honey.

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