On Wednesdays We Confess

Hello Pretty Peachies! We're almost through the week and I feel like a rockstar. I'm finally getting the hang of our back to school schedule and feeling pretty good. It also helps that I have The Bachelor in Paradise on tv and Wednesday Confessions with my super sweet blogger friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas

On Wednesday We Confess

I Confess i'm starting to love early mornings again. During the week anyway.

I Confess I can't stop watching The Bachelor in Paradise. Is Ashley the female Chad?
In other news, the twins are my fave girls on the show.

I Confess today is the first day all week i've worn make up. I've had it on all of an hour and it's already bothering me.
Allergies suck.

I Confess Insta stories are growing on me but I'm not giving in. You can still find me on Snapchat:georgiapeachy82

I Confess I read that you have to be approved to link to Liketoknow.it. Is this true?
If so then my blog is no where near ready for that and i'm a little bummed. #GOALS

I Confess I'm loving these days when I only have to leave the house to take my son to school and pick him up.

I Confess I'm also loving creating new make up looks but I have no idea how to photograph them.

I Confess I'm already crushing hard on all the fall things. I'm normally a summer girl but I'm so ready for fall this year.

I Confess I can't get ahead in my blogging game. Seriously struggling.

I Confess I'm excited to watch American Housewife. It looks hilarious.

I Confess I love the Mom Card Movement with Nifty Betty on Instagram.

I Confess yesterday I cleaned my car out. The amount of dog hair was ridiculous.
I'm pretty proud of myself for that one. However, now my hubby knows I'm capable of using a shop vac. Hahaha.

I Confess I'm happy that it's almost the weekend and we have nothing planned! YAY!

What do you want to confess this week?

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