Tuesday Morning Coffee Talk

Happy Tuesday Peachies! So this blog post is titled Tuesday Morning Coffee Talk but humor me for a minute because morning will be long gone by the time I get this posted. I'm on the struggle bus big time today but it's okay because i'm practicing grace upon grace while i'm cozy on the couch, watching one of my guilty pleasures,Bachelor in Paradise.

A couple weeks ago I did this Monday Morning Coffee Talk post. Today i'm inspired to share more.

I'm wanting to set up a LIKEtoKNOW.it account and start sharing outfit inspired posts.

Last week my son wanted to cook a Japanese rice balls dish.
I suggested we make this Orange Chicken to go with it.
He did all the cooking, minus the frying the chicken. I can tell you that it was a hit plus I am super proud of my son for cooking such an amazing meal.

I'm still crushing on this outfit.

I'm thinking these sugar cookie bars need to be made like now.

Trying to start a creative business.

Loving this stain Revlon Color Stay in Fuschia.

Wanting to learn how to do this twisted crown.

Just bought this and this at CVS.

Waiting on this to be delivered because who can say no to blush and rose?

Crushing on these things: Yes Way Rose Wine Glass, Gizelle Sun Glasses and Aria Beaded Drop Earrings

Thinking I need this Fuschia Maxi Dress.

What's going on with you currently?
What are you loving? Crushing on? Wanting?

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