Blogger Challenge Week 6 + Meet Willow

Hi Friends! Welcome back to another fun Monday here on Peachy Keen. I've been wanting to do the 52 week link up with Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs since the beginning of the year but I've been forgetting. I finally remembered today!!!

Every Monday you link up with a blog post from the prompt. Today's prompt is perfect because it is Meet My Pets. Last week we welcomed Willow into the family and I have a Meet Willow post scheduled but we'll just combine the two!

Name: Willow

Nicknames: Wild Woman, Little Miss

Age: 11 weeks

Weight: 20 lbs

Breed: Mastiff/ German Shepard Mix

Highlights: Sleeps through the night in her crate, likes to potty in the woods.

Lows: Stubborn, has an attitude like her momma.

Loves: Sweet Tea, digging and her daddy.

Dislikes: Being told no, her car seatbelt, and orange essential oil.

Favorite Toy: Her Bobo Daddy bought her.

Favorite Treats: Bully Sticks and the assortment of cookies from Pet Things.

Best Friend: Drago; my mom's 1 year old German Shepard.

52 Week Blogger Challenge

Here's how it works.

Link-up with Sarah Emily Blogs and Girl Talk Blog every Monday for the 52 week blogger challenge!

Rules for the Link-up
1. follow the prompts exactly or put your own spin on them
2. make sure to add our button to your post and link up with us
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4. the link up will close in 5 days!

Here are the prompts so you can join in the fun! I love getting to know other bloggers this way!

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  1. Willow is so cute..
    52 weeks challenge sounds like a really great idea...i will definitely look into this.

    1. Thank You! She is cute but she gets sassier and spunkier everyday. As my mom says, she's got a lot of spirit! You should definitely do the 52 week challenge link up. It's so much fun!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You! I loved writing it because it was all about our sweet Willow.


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