Grace Upon Grace + Confessions

Hi Peachies! I hope you're all having an incredible day. I was in kind of a funk so I decided to doll myself up (meaning jeans and a cute tank + my pretty kimono and NOT yoga pants and a tee) to go grab one of my favorite lunches from my favorite local market/cafe, The Farmer's Table. If you follow me on Snap Chat {georgiapeachy82} then you've already seen this but it really touched me and made me smile.

I really just needed 30 minutes out of my house to lift me out of the funk I was in. As I was driving the prettiest song on the radio right now 7.7 by Lukas Graham was on. I live so close to the Farmer's Table that I can only listen to one song during the drive, this was it.
Then as I was walking inside the sweetest little old lady was coming out and asked me if I would help her get to her car. She was an absolute doll. She said "I'm not as steady on my feet as I used to be." Bless her. Then when she got to her car she said to me "thank you, you're just so sweet." That made my day, not because I needed that boost in confidence but because I got to help a stranger who needed it and it meant something to her.

My goal in my adult life has always been to help someone in need and if I can change a person's life then i'll be a happy girl.
Turns out that doing one small deed for her changed me today. That little lady made a difference in my life today and i'll be happy for the rest of the day because of it.

Here are a couple of snaps that from inside The Farmer's Table while I was waiting on my lunch.

As I was sitting at the table waiting for my sandwich I looked over on the wall and saw a painting that simply said "Grace Upon Grace".
That's how I want to live my life, with grace upon grace. I think I may need to buy that painting the next time i'm in there as a reminder of today and as a reminder of how I want to live.

There was a little PSA in my snaps about going out of your way to do something nice for someone else today, too and I mean that with all my heart. What seems like a small gesture may mean the world to someone else and it just might change you, too.

Before I left the house I had already drafted my Confessions post for today and I really want to share it with you.

{I Confess}
+ We're in the home stretch of Dylan's 7th grade school year.
And I'm one proud Mama. He's already thinking about what he wants to go to college for.
He's in all gifted classes this year and has made all A's and B's.
We've got awards night on Monday.

+ It's Cinco De Mayo and I don't have anything planned.
I could use a margarita though.

+ Mother's Day is Sunday and for once, I have everything already!
No last minute shopping for this girl!

+ It melts me that my 13 year old son still brings me flowers he finds.
Just the other day he brought me a rose out of my parent's yard.
And he's always so careful. He never picks them from the rose bush
{Even though my Mom doesn't mind. She says flowers are to be picked by kids.}
He always brings me the ones already laying on the ground.

+ We learned Monday that our Willow pup likes to dive.
We were hanging out by my parent's pool when she was standing on the top stair & I thought she fell in.
I ran over to rescue her up but she popped up and was fine. I stood close by watching and she did it again.
I realized she was doing it on purpose. She kept doing it! We even gave her a diving stick,
which she tried to get but got too distracted to ever actually get.
I'm pretty proud of her for that though.

+ I'm excited for June 25 because our family from Illinois is coming down!
I miss them so much y'all. And my hubby is trying to get time off while they're here this year.

+ That life would be 100 x's more awesome if there were pinatas hung everywhere and we could take a swing at them
when we saw them. And they would explode with beautiful jewelry, money, gift cards, and chocolate!

+ I need to brain storm blog post ideas and write them in my planner for this month.

+ I want a Sprinkles cupcake vending machine in my kitchen.

+ I went to my favorite place for lunch and didn't get a cupcake because one of my goals for this month is to cut back on the sugary goodness.
It was so hard to walk away from that pineapple creme cupcake though.

+ When I got home from the Farmer's Table I walked down to where my Peony plants are planted and really looked at the blossoms.
They're still buds right now but they're starting to open and you can see the pink. They're going to be gorgeous when they open.

+ That i'm still beaming with happiness that little lady brought me today. I wish I would have hugged her neck.

So Peachies! Tell me, what are you going to do for someone else today?
What are you confessing?

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  1. I agree on the cupcake vending machine!

  2. isn't it the greatest ever?!? I LOVE Spreading Joy to people. I've dedicated my life to do this daily! Not even kidding. Your heart will always be flooded with great JOY when you are doing for others. It won't get rid of your problems, but it will help you to realize that things are not as bad as you think.

    Marie - My site has several articles about making a difference. the most popular being 50 Ways to Make a difference without spending a penny.

    Have fun Spreading Joy and making a difference.

    1. Marie,
      Thank You for your sweet comment. I just love filling other people with Joy because it instantly comes back to me. There's nothing better! I'll definitely check out your site. Thank you for sharing that with me!

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  4. Thanks for sharing! This was a fun post idea and nice to learn a bit more about you!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for coming by and commenting!

  5. I love that phrase Grace Upon Grace. It fills me with inspiration and joy. It's always interesting where and when life decides to give us little signs and inspirations.

    1. Thank You for your sweet comment! It means so much! That phrase just speaks to my heart. That whole moment did. You're so right. It is interesting when life decides to inspire us. I always think God knows when I need a moment like that most.

  6. What an ADORABLE little place! My heart soared for the story about the sweet old lady.


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