10 Things {I'll Treat Myself To}

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If you're anything like me then you are a penny pincher. In fact, the first iPhone I got felt like a waste of money but I gave in to the social pressures, like everyone else, and got one. Now i'm glad I did because we're pretty inseparable. I'm pretty much lost without my iPhone. I use it for everything from my daily devotional to music to scheduling my life to photography and everything in between.

The first Coach purse my husband bought me before we were even married was very much loved and appreciated & still is but all I could think was the amount of money he just spent was pretty incredible to me. He didn't even bat an eye though. When we got ready to go on our honeymoon he even bought me another one. One that zipped so I could walk through the airport more safely. That was actually his suggestion. While I'm not going to argue if anyone wants to buy me expensive things like this, it's not likely that I will spend that kind of money on myself. I'll go to the store, look at it, swoon, and possibly even get all the heart eyes emoji but I'll talk myself out of whatever it is because I'll think "Dylan needs clothes" or "we need groceries" more. Not that we can't afford these things even if I spent money on whatever I'm swooning over at the moment. It's for this exact reason that I don't own anything from Lily Pulitzer. I love her things, they're beautiful and it's almost like they're every Southern woman's right of passage but I just can't spend that kind of money on myself.

But there are things that I'll splurge on every now and then and treat myself to.
Because sometimes you just need to treat yo' self.

10 Things {I'll Treat Myself To}

1. BareMinerals make-up
I was a Cover Girl/whatever looked good to me at the moment kinda girl until my sweet friend Crystal did my make up for my wedding.
Actually it was the month before when she did a trial run but regardless, I fell in love & haven't used anything since.

2. Chick-fil-A
There are just some days that I have to HAVE Chik-fil-A. Usually that day is Sunday when they're closed.
My hubby already has a plan to cover me on Sundays when Chick-fil-A is closed and i'm pregnant. (no, i'm not pregnant yet).

3. Guacamole from the Farmer's Table
The Farmer's Table is our local Farmer's Market/Cafe.
A couple weeks ago I was in there shopping and ran into a friend of mine.
She convinced me to try their Guacamole because "It's the best guacamole ever."
I bit the bullet and paid the $5.99 and haven't regretted it one bit.
In fact, after I bought it I told her I was going to have to share it because my hubby & son don't eat it.
Her words were "No, girl! Don't share with anyone."
I listened to her advice again and have been blissfully eating guacamole all week.

4. Time with my hair dresser
It's a rarity for me to spend time with her. Like once every six months kind of rarity.
But when I do I feel like a new woman. She basically made me feel like a goddess for my wedding.
She highlighted my hair, which was something I'd only done once before & hated it.
She made me fall in love with it though.
Not only does she make me feel like a goddess, she's basically a free therapist, too!
So there's that!
It's almost time for that goddess feel/therapy time.

5. Manis/Pedis
Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting side by side with your best girls and getting pampered.
Some of my girls convinced me to get my first pedi when we went out for my Bachelorette Shower/Girls Day Out.
I'm hooked now. That scrub they do on my hands and feet is nothing short of Heavenly.

6. Chocolate
The good kind of chocolate. The $5 kind at Target. Lindt/Lindor is my favorite.
If you want to make me melt this is how. I'll do whatever you want for some Lindt/Lindor Chocolate.

7. Anything that supports animal rescues
Since our Willow is a rescue pup I'm all about giving back to those who support animal rescues.
Especially the local pet store here who rescued our sweet girl.
They still gush over her every time we go in, which is about once a week.

8. Local Stores/Shops/Boutiques
I'm a sucker for shopping local & helping people who are like you and me.
Ordinary people who are trying to share their talents
and make a little money along the way.
Our little town is finally getting a few of these places and I love them.
It's also another reason why I love craft fairs.
You can shop for unique pieces that are made by locals.

9. Lip Products
I can't go into a store without buying the latest lip stick, chap stick, lip gloss, lip stain.
You name it, I can't resist it!

10. Make Up Brushes
I used to buy the cheapest brushes ever and throw them away every couple months.
I thought I was being frugal and that was the way to go until I had a make up party
And earned myself some free brushes. Now i'm basically a brush snob.
It makes all the difference in the world to have a good, soft brush to apply your make up.

+What do you like to treat yourself to?

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  1. Great minds think alike - love all the things you treat yourself to and I would do all of them as well! Those are exactly the things I would treat myself to as well! xxx

    1. Aww, thank you! It's so nice to treat yourself once in a while. Usually i'm a bit of a penny pincher but I have no problem spending on these things.

  2. 1. vacation 2. purses 3. movies 4. nail polish 5. books 6. concerts 7. plays 8. beach days 9. shoes 10. ice cream

    1. Yes to vacations and beach days and nail polish, too!

  3. These are a great list of things to treat yourself to. I need to start treating myself to more of them...

    1. Thank You! You really should. It's so nice to treat yourself!

  4. YES! I totally agree with all of these! I have to hear how your hubby is going to get you Chick Fil A on Sundays! and are you guys trying yet?? Eeek this is so exciting!

    1. You're basically my long lost sister. LOL. He's got plans to go on Saturdays and buy whatever I might want on Sundays. My sister in law is pregnant now so I shared this bit of advice with my brother so he can be prepared, too because when I was pregnant with my son the only time I got upset was when I wanted CFA on a Sunday. Like it was breaking news that they were closed on that one day! Now I think it's pretty funny but in my preggo state of mind I did not. I literally cried. Emotions are no joke when you're pregnant and yes, we're trying. ;)

  5. Treat yo'self, girl! There's nothing like a little somethin' somethin' to lift you up (I saw your sneaky Chick-fil-A on SnapChat the other day haha). I could definitely deal with a mani/pedi some time in the near future. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. x

    1. I am a huge believer in treating myself sometimes. Shouldn't we all be rewarded for adulting? I think YES! I'm such a CFA junkie. The day I posted that for breakfast, my hubby suggested it for dinner and I didn't say no! Hahaha. And yes, mani/pedi time is something i'm desperately wanting right now. Mainly because of the scrub they massage your hands and feet/legs with. I need that so badly!

  6. What a great list! I'm a makeup brush snob too :)

    1. Thank You! I really learned about quality make up brushes and have never bought another crappy cheap one. I'm curious about the ELF ones though.

  7. Oh no! You've got me craving Chick-fil-A and guacamole and chocolate! It's ok though, I agree they're totally worth treating yourself to every now and then! I'm 100% with you on the Animal Rescue thing too because I'm a huge lover of animal's and it makes my heart hurt to see them in pain! Interesting post :)

    1. Thank You! If you lived near me then we'd make a CFA run then go buy some chocolate and then come to my house and eat guacamole. I caved and spent the $6 again on guacamole yesterday. It's worth it though.

      If you love guacamole, you might like what I just made for breakfast.
      A piece of honey wheat bread-toasted
      layered with guacamole
      then bacon
      and a fried egg.

      It was super yummy!

  8. I definitely believe in treating yourself as it makes you feel good. I love chocolate and mani/pedi's (done in-home in front of the TV or with friends) has become a bit of a ritual now.

    1. Treating yourself is a must in my book. We usually spend so much time taking care of everyone else and we forget to take care of ourselves. Treating yourself is basically rewarding yourself for adulting! Mani/Pedis at home with friends sounds like so much fun. I usually do mine in front of the tv, too but every now and then I like to get a professional mani/pedi.

  9. I love this list and I definitely cannot wait until I can get another mani/pedi.. so heavenly!
    I also blogged about 10 things this Tuesday if you want to head on over to my blog and show some love! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank You Sweets! Manis/Pedis are the best! I love the scrub they use on my hands/feet/legs. That is Heavenly! I'm heading over to your blog now. Thank you for stopping by.

  10. I treat myself to clothing and shoes (a little too much though ;)) I like your list idea - where is the link up?

    1. Hey Sweet Lady! There's no such thing as too much. LOL. Clothing is something I do treat myself to, too but it's not necessarily expensive clothing so it totally doesn't count. LOL. Here's the link up. http://www.sept-farm.com/2016/05/10-on-tuesday-things-that-drive-me-crazy.html This was her last week of hosting it but you might still be able to participate.


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