On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! I'm here for Wednesday Confessions with my new sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

On Wednesdays We Confess.

I Confess my guilty pleasure is Southern Charm on Bravo.

I Confess I got a mani/pedi on Monday. My mani already chipped, i'm kinda disappointed.

I Confess I want to paint my nails today but don't know what color. Get your vote in on my Insta now.

I Confess I'm proud of myself for holding it together yesterday when I had to go in my son's school
because we were on lockdown at dismissal. There was a manhunt for someone who shot at an officer and fled.
They did catch him 4 hours into the ordeal but our Willow pup and I were in the school for about an hour
until we got our boy and could leave. I really wasn't freaked out until we were driving to my parent's house.

I Confess I'm anxiously awaiting Helene's Monotize Your Blog Webinar to start. Chatting with everyone is so fun!

I Confess I can't stop walking outside and staring at my blooming Peony.

I Confess I love my monogrammed rtic cup, my dog mom mug and my monogram decal on my Mac.

I Confess I love having a sweet neighbor who gave me cute home made cake plate and bracelets for Mother's Day.

I Confess I'm proud of my 7th grader for getting an award on Monday night for having all As and Bs this school year.
And he's in all gifted classes, too.

I Confess I need to come up with my blog schedule for May, still.

I Confess I should be vacuuming and mopping.

I Confess It's time for Helene's Webinar to start so I've got to sign off.

Happy Wednesday Loves!
What are you confessing today?

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  1. I keep thinking about you and what you went through yesterday! So frightening. I am so glad you are all okay! Big hugs, friend!!

    1. Thank You sweet friend! I'm glad we're okay, too. It was very frightening. Especially once we got to my parent's house. God is good, He protected us through it all though!


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