Week 21: Bad Habits of Mine

Hi my beautiful Peachies! How is everyone today? I'm incredibly awesome because today is the official first day of summer break for us. I slept in TWO whole hours this morning. My son is still sleeping in and Willow pup is asleep in her Daddy's chair on the other side of the living room.
Plus, when I got out of bed this morning I realized that my house isn't nearly as big of a mess as it usually is on Monday mornings.
It's a Monday Miracle!

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Welcome to {Week 21:Bad Habits of Mine}

1. Rolling my eyes and heavy sighing.
Ya'll, I think I was just born this way. I find that I roll my eyes and sigh a ton. I can't help it and I can't control it. It just happens. Even when someone is asking me something that I don't mind, I do it. Luckily everyone close to me has learned to accept it. Love y'all. Mean it.

2. Cracking my knuckles.
Again, can't help it. It's a habit I started forever ago and continue doing. I know it isn't good for me but we all have our vices.
Cracking knuckles is mine.

3. Cleaning.
Yes, this can be a bad habit when you do as I do. I'm notorious for cleaning up people's glasses they are drinking out of. If it's left unattended and I see it, odds are, i'll clean it up. I've also been known to misplace my husband's things before while cleaning the house and forgetting where I put them. Ooops.

4. Painting over existing nail polish.
Because sometimes I don't want to take the polish off and start over but I don't want chips in my nails either.

5. Falling asleep during movies.
I'm not kidding when I say my hubby and I have probably watched 6 movies together in our four years of being together.
I sit down to watch a movie and that's all she wrote. Even if it's a movie that I really want to see.

6. Wanting everything in my house in its place and spotless.
This is something i've really been working on this year and I feel like i'm making huge progress. On the weekends I do no cleaning, other than the kitchen and maybe a load of clothes. I will not ever be okay with food and dirty dishes left out but i'm taking more time to enjoy being with my loved ones and having adventures than focusing on cleaning house. I realize my house will never look like something out of Southern Living Magazine and i'm okay with that. If you come to my house you may have to over look the dust and the dog nose prints on everything but I promise, you'll laugh and make memories here and more likely than not, eat a ton of good food.

7. Not asking for help.
The Good Lord knows this is my downfall and he sent me my husband to help break me of this.
A typical evening at our house goes like this.
Me in the kitchen cooking, my hubby just coming in from a long day at work.
Honey: Hey Love, Do you need any help?
Me: rolling my eyes. No, babe. I've got it.
Honey comes in the kitchen, looks and me and says "what can I help you with?"
Sometimes he even takes what i'm doing away from me because he knows I need help, I just won't ask.

And with that comes #8.

8. I'm stubborn to a fault.

So there you have it. Some of my bad habits. I'm not a nail biter, i'm not addicted to anything. Not a shopaholic.
Just a modern day June Cleaver want to be with Lucille Ball antics thrown in and I cuss a little, too.

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  1. I do the glasses of clean up all the time too!!

    1. Ha! It drives my husband nuts. Bless his heart!

  2. girlllll #twinning once again. I am the queen of stubbornville. J does the same thing with taking stuff away from me if he can tell I am obviously stressed but refuse to ask for help. I also always repaint over existing nail polish-who has the time for polish remover?

    1. Its soo funny how alike we are! We're long lost sisters!


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