Week 19: Most Embarrassing Story

Happy Monday Loves! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I did. I'd give you the run down but it's exhausting. But seriously, we spent a ton of time outside with family this weekend because it was in the 80's and sunny.

Mother's Day was a huge blessing. I got to soak in time snuggling with my hubby then was showered with gifts from my loves and both sides of our family. Later today i'm treating myself to a post Mother's Day mani/pedi but first, it's time for week 19 of the 52 Week Challenge with one of my blogger besties, Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs and Ashley from Girl Talk.

I love starting the week off this way. It's a great way to get my mind going on a Monday morning.

Today's prompt is {Week 19: Most Embarrassing Story.}

This is one that my hubby and I laugh about now but it wasn't really funny to me at the time.

*Just a little backstory, in case you're new here. My hubby & I were best friends for 13 years before we started dating. So we were super comfortable with each other.*

We hadn't been dating long, at all. (Maybe just a couple weeks.) We were sitting in my room one night, hanging out (purely innocent, ya'll!) and talking but in my heart I already knew he was the one. We had taken this huge jump from just friends to boyfriend and girlfriend and nothing had ever felt so right before. So we were sitting there talking, when before I knew what happened I blurted out "I love you" then immediately wanted to crawl under the bed and die. I must have turned 50 shades of red when it happened because I really was that embarrassed. In my mind, it felt like an eternity before he responded. I was sitting there thinking "What if he doesn't feel the same?" "What if I just ruined my best friendship?" "Can I just die now?"

Finally he responded with "I love you, too." I was so relieved but insanely embarrassed. He was trying so hard to be a respectful gentleman even though we had been friends for so long. I guess that's what happens when you're so relaxed and comfortable with one another. You just blurt things out and hope and pray that they feel the same way, too. Lucky for me, he did then and still does now. We've been together 4 years and married for 7 months.

And now you know who said "I Love You" first.
At least my embarrassing story does have a happily ever after.
And they say Fairy Tales aren't real!
All you need is a big mouth Southern girl and a proper Southern gentleman to make this story come to life.

What's your most embarrassing story?

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  1. Awww! I think that would have been totally acceptable with no need for embarrassment based on how long you two had known each other! So sweet that it has the happiest of endings!

    1. Oh, but it did embarrass me so bad! We laugh about it now but I wanted to die that night! I'm kinda glad I said it now ;)


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