Oh Hey, Friday! {My Obsessions}

Hello Pretty Peachies! Happy Fri-YAY! It was our first week of Summer Break and it was glorious. We've done a lot of sleeping in and spending family time together playing games. I've also gotten a lot of cleaning done and we've gotten to spend time outside at my parent's pool, soaking up the sun and gorgeous weather. There have been dinners eaten on the back porch and a couple of cook outs, too.

This is absolutely my favorite time of year because everything seems to slow down and we get to soak it all in. Which I adore. You know what else I adore? This link up with Karli from September Farm Oh Hey, Friday!

Here's how it goes.

You can join or just check out her fabulous blog. If you do you should read it from start to finish, you're sure to laugh, smile, and nod in agreeance the whole way through. She's a bubbly, gem of a person & that's just what I know from her blog. She keeps life real.

How does this link up work?

1. Well first off you list 5 things. They can be as random as you want or all about one subject, there are no real rules here.
2. You link up your post at the bottom of hers, not mine. I'm not that fancy.
3. Then you grab the button, from below & add it to yours.
4. Then you spread the word about your blog, her blog, and everyone else's you want.
(I added that part-duh!)

Oh Hey, Friday!
Let's talk about my obsessions lately.

1. Reality t.v.
Okay, so I used to be a reality tv junkie then I started laying off it because, well, I didn't have time to watch it. Now that it's summer and my son is on the X-Box in the living room a lot I've been sitting in my bed in the mornings, candle lit, Willow pup sleeping by my side, cup of coffee in hand, blogging and watching reality tv. The Bachelorette, Real Housewives, and Southern Charm are my guilty pleasures.

2.Floral everything
Let's talk about how gorgeous all the floral things are. I'm totally in love with all of them and totally wanting every floral thing I see.

Pink Floral Dress+Floral Plates+Floral Cupcakes

3. Helene from Helene in Between posted this post with video the other day on her blog about her make up routine and I was instantly smitten. I think I need an Ulta overhaul now! I'm definitely obsessed with everything about this!

4. Fringe
I'm loving the fringe trend right now. Give me all the fringe!!

Fringe Sandals+Fringe Tote

5. Blog Posts Wrap Up
Bad Habits of Mine
On Wednesdays We Confess
Bachelorette Bracket + Instagram snaps

Happy Weekend Lovelies! I hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend!

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