Cleaning Your Make-Up Brushes.

Hi Ladies! I'm here to discuss something important today, something we use everyday but may not think about cleaning it (or them) often. I know I didn't for the longest time.

What am I talking about? Make Up Brushes.

As gross as it sounds I honestly didn't think about cleaning mine until they started to smell funky. I know! Disgusting, right? Want to hear another confession? I didn't even own a quality set of make up brushes up until a year ago! I got cheapos and threw them away when I felt the time was right. It wasn't until I had an Aloette party and make over that I realized the importance of quality brushes. Now that I own a set that costed a little $ I want to take care of them. Obviously I knew nothing about taking care of or cleaning them so I did what every girl does when we have a question. That's right! I took to Pinterest to do my research.

Of course I found dozens of pins but this one is the one that stuck DIY Mac brush cleaner.

First, I gather my brushes and make up the cleaner solution.

Then I add them all in and let them sit. I let mine sit for about half an hour, just to get them squeaky clean.
{Notice how bubbly the water is? As soon as the brushes go in it starts bubbling up. It's kinda cool and a little disgusting, too
since it's cleaning all the gunk out.}

Next I rinse the brushes.

And this is what the water looks like the brushes are clean. And nope, it's not that color because of the shampoo.

And lastly I set them out to dry.

There are a number of reasons to clean your brushes.

Acne and prolonging the life of your brushes are two big ones. Would you apply your make-up with your hands? Probably not because think of all the dirt and oils that you'd be transferring to your face, too. Not cleaning your brushes is equivalent to that, though & it can really change how your make up goes on. It can change the color and the whole application if they're not properly cleaned.

I like to clean my brushes about once a week. I feel that it helps so much when I do + I really like when they smell clean and are super soft.

So, do you clean your brushes? Were you like the old me and never thought about it? If so then I hope you found this post helpful!

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  1. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I don't think about it either. I mostly have cheap brushes, so I need to invest, then also invest in cleaning them too. Thank you for the post!

    1. I honestly didn't think about it but now I do, all the time. It's pretty gross when they're all funky. Investing in good brushes & cleaning them makes all the difference. You'll love your face and make-up when you do. :)

  2. I clean mine weekly and it always takes forever! I do them one by one. I am excited to try this method out! Did soaking them on water cause separation from the base and the top part?


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