Blogtember Challenge-Pt. 4

Hi lovelies! Welcome back! I'm still catching up on the Blogtemeber Challenges with Bailey from
braveloveblog. We're up to part 4 now! YAY!!

I love cozy Friday nights like these. My son is downstairs playing on his computer and my honey isn't home from work yet. I don't love that part but I make the best of it. I've got the t.v. down low, a candle lit, and our marquee letters on. It's peaceful and productive. It's when my heart is happiest because I can focus on me. Of course i'm missing my fiancee like crazy but he's on his way home.

The fourth day challenge was one I immediately loved. It's sharing your passions. Lately i've found new passions, healthy passions and I feel more myself than I ever have. I'm more relaxed than ever. I feel content and perfectly fine with life right now. This is my favorite prompt thus far.

Day 4-Present Passions

❤ My faith and religion. I've found that spending time with God everyday really helps me feel content and happier. I've found a Daily Devotional
app that I use in conjunction with writing notes. I really look forward to that time every day.

❤ My skin care routine. I try to do it every morning and night but often time forget in the morning. I love when my skin is fresh, healthy,
and glowing.

❤ This quote "very little is needed to make a happy life." Truth rings out of that quote like music to my soul. How honest is that?
I'm trying to simplify my life and realize that the key to happiness is simplicity.

❤ My fiancee. As we go into our marriage i'm more passionate about our relationship than ever before. I want us to have the strongest, most
unshakable relationship ever 7 honestly, I feel like we do. We've been through a lot together and we have an amazing foundation built on 13+ years of friendship. We communicate to each other and we make all life's decisions together. I think that'll only get better with time, too.

❤ My "ME" time. I love my family and friends more than anything in the world. I love our time together but I still need "ME" time.
I love going down to my desk, lighting a candle, putting on the We Bought A Zoo soundtrack, and focusing on what I need.
Sometimes it's yoga, sometimes it's writing letters and thank you notes, & sometimes it's my daily devotional. I feel like I need this time
at least once a week though.

❤ My girlfriends and my family. Lately i've been getting lots of quality time in with my girlfriends and family since we're in wedding mode
and honestly, i've loved every minute of it. I'd do anything for my tribe and i'd certainly be lost without them.

❤ My health and fitness. Until lately I hadn't given this subject much thought but then my fiancee and I realized that we want to have another
baby after we get married (our son is 12) and we both want to be in excellent health for our children so we can live full, happy, healthy
lives with them. I plan on being a pain in their butts for a long time!

And those are my top passions. What are you passionate about?

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