Blogtember Challenge- Part1

Hi Lovlies! I hope you're all having a super exciting Friday and getting pumped for this holiday weekend. Hopefully you have a 3 day weekend off work, too. I know we're looking forward to it. I'm hoping it's low key and we can spend the entire thing at home in our pajamas, napping and maybe, just maybe we can squeeze some cooking in there, too. I have some recipes I've been wanting to make and my honey is wanting to smoke something since he's had his smoker/grill for the whole summer and haven't used it yet. Well, the smoker anyway. We use the grill religiously.
I definitely need some time to chill and refresh.

Usually on Fridays I do the Oh Hey, Friday! link up with Karli from September farms but for the month of September I want to participate in a different link up. It's the blogtember challenge with Bailey from braveloveblog. I'm already 4 days behind because #life but I'm going to try to catch up on day 1 today and hopefully 2, 3 & 4 tomorrow.

Day 1-Meet Leslie

Hi Y'all! I'm Leslie! Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I definitely don't take life too seriously. I believe in laughing {at myself} and often.

It's okay to giggle. I do every time I see this picture. Nutribullets are worth getting excited over even if I look like one of those Tom & Jerry cartoons where Tom's eyes are popping out of his head after Jerry banged him with a pot. Totally cool to laugh at this.

I'm a mom to a goofy 12 year old son who makes me proud and fill me with so much joy it's almost ridiculous. He's camera shy these days so you might not see much of him here but I can talk about him all day long.

That's me begging for just one serious Mother's Day picture. Turns out it's one of my favorites of all times.

I'm getting married in 22 days. It still doesn't seem real! We were best friends for 13 years before we dated. You can read all aboutOur Love Story

I'm a Georgia Peach (hence the blog name Peachy Keen).

If you looked in my music collection you'd be confused. You'd see everything from musicals (Grease to Phantom of the Opera), classic rock, current rock, pop, country, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley. You name it, i've probably got it.

My favorite moments are when my fiancee dances with me barefoot in the kitchen even though I roll my eyes at him the entire time and tell him he's crazy.

On my camera roll you'll find lots of pics of me (I'm the only one who likes to take pics), make up shots, my succulents, my girlfriends,
my love, coffee, my dogs & cat and the occasional pic i'll get of my son.

I love when my family and friends are cozy in our house but I also love my alone time.

My favorite blog related accomplishment is being featured on Stephanie May Wilson's blog The Loveliest Things

I love the beach more than any place on Earth which is why we're getting married there!

I could eat sushi everyday but my fiancee is highly allergic to shellfish.

My nickname in school was Sunshine.

Oh! And these are my fur babies!
Chance, my oh so helful Tabby cat. He's supervising the editing of our engagement pics.

And from left to right-Bella, Drago, & Minnie Mouse.
You can read more about them here.
Meet the Pets

I dream of opening my own bakery some day.
Dream Bakery

Other than that, i'm just fun loving and silly. We live our lives to the fullest and laugh as much as we breathe!
I'm glad to be a part of this lovely Blogtemeber Challenge & look forward to meeting lots of lovely new ladies and forming an amazing community!
Brave Love Blog

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  1. I think I'd look like that, too, if I was given a nutribullet!

    1. LOL. I have no idea what that face is but we'll chalk it up to Nutribullet happiness! I love mine so so much!!

  2. Love your pictures! Ha! What a lovely sentiment. Good luck in blogtember

    1. Thank You so much! I'm loving bogtemeber. Are you participating?

  3. It was fun to get to know you better. :)


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