Wedding Wednesday.

Hi Lovelies! I'm back for another Wedding Wednesday post today. I've been super busy with wedding things and life in general lately so I haven't had time to blog. Or exercise. Or eat healthy. Or do laundry so today i'm getting back on track. I've done my devotional for the last two days, exercised twice today, done dishes, the laundry is going so now it's time for Wedding Wednesday. This post ties in with my weekending post so I didn't do that on Monday!

I bet you're all wondering by now, what the buzz is. What could possibly tie the weekend and Wedding Wednesday together? I already had my Shower, that was two weekends ago. This weekend was my girl's day out/Bachelorette Party.

We kept it low key and shopped, got our nails done, and ate at a fabulous steak restaurant called Aspens.
I got my first ever pedi. I'm super ticklish on my feet so i've never had one but my girls talked me into it and i'm sure glad they did.
I also tried grits for the first time. (Yes, i'm a southern girl who didn't like grits but now I do!)
Then my girls took me to Victoria's Secret for some lingerie shopping. (I got some honeymoon surprises that will never appear on this blog).

It was a fabulous day and I was spoiled by my girls. I can't imagine life without these ladies. I love them so!!

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Only 24 more days!!

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  1. Sounds super fun! Ugh I can't stand grits. I've never understood the fascination with that in the south. Yuckkkk

    1. It was super fun & I would have agreed with you about the grits until last weekend. Apparently the stuff that comes out of the box isn't the same as the kind that are homemade!


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