Blogtember Challenge-Pt. 2

Good evening lovelies. I'm still catching up on the Blogtemeber Challenges with Bailey from
braveloveblog. Since I didn't get part two done earlier today I thought now's the perfect chance.
My son is downstairs playing and my fiancee isn't home from work yet so I've got spare time on my hands.

Day 2-An Ideal Day.

Since we're pretending I'm going all in here. I'm totally pretending i'm at my happiest place on Earth-the beach!!! With that said, here's my ideal day at the beach.

❤ wake up in a cozy bed with my honey beside me (he's usually out of bed long before I wake up, even on the weekends) and spend some time
snuggling & laughing (because that's the best way to wake up!)
❤ then i'd make my way to this lovely deck where we'd sit and have coffee and enjoy a lazy morning.
❤ Somehow i'd convince my honey (it's not hard to do) to go grab some donuts at a sweet little cafe. We'd take our donuts and retreat back
to that deck for a little while longer.

❤ then i'd put on a super cute bikini (because in this ideal day i'm skinny, too!)
❤ and spend the day hanging out in this hammock
❤ on this beach
❤ and swinging on this awesome swing set in the ocean!!

❤ i'd frolick with some flamingos
❤ pet some toucans
❤ swim with the dolphins and pretend I was a mermaid
❤ and see an amazing rainbow.

I'd end the day eating a romantic picnic dinner in one of these dreamy huts and watching the beautiful sunsets while dreams of the next day.

That sounds like a pretty awesome day to me!!

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