Dear Sixteen Year Old Me.

Hi Lovelies! We're on day nine of the Blogtember Challenge and today's post is brought to you with the help of this love.

Drago is getting to stay with me today. We're watching Sex and the City and blogging together. Bonding, y'all!

Today's challenge with Bailey @braveloveblog is: Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you. Any advice or funny stories?

Dear Sixteen Year Old Leslie,

Eat all the cheese dip you want, laugh as much as you breathe, enjoy the times with your friends & don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Don't be so shy because you're missing out on a lot. Stick with cheering, you'll make the team if you do. Kiss boys, be wild and crazy, forget trying to make everyone else happy. You'll find out soon enough that your friends weren't telling you things because they thought you'd disapprove. That's something that'll sting every time you think of it because you're not judge mental like that at all. It says more about them than it does you. Don't take it personally, in fact, don't take anything personally.

In a couple years you're going to fall in love for the first time, he's not your last or your most important love though. You'll break up with him but he'll be the one to hurt you, that's okay though. You'll be hurt by many friends through out your teens and twenties but it'll make you stronger. You're going to have a baby and not be married, that's okay, too. Forget that loser but not the baby! He'll be the most important role you'll ever take on. Remember the other guy you met and thought "wow, he's everything"? Yeah, that one! Don't forget him! He IS everything. Speak up and tell him how you feel, he feels the same way, he's just too much of a gentleman to say anything. He thinks you're happy where you are now. You're not. No one will ever make you as happy as he will.

You'll go on to have a couple more relationships but that one guy who is everything, he's still going to be your friend through it all. In fact, he'll be your best guy friend. Listen to him when he says "don't settle", he knows what he's talking about. You'll lose some friends through the years, it really was for the best. Go you for standing up for yourself!

Finish college even though you have no idea what you really want to do with your life. You'll have a degree to show, at least.

You'll lose your Grandpa and that'll be hard but you know he's in a better place now. It'll bring the family super close. You're family will seem like it hits rock bottom for a while. Trust in God, you'll learn a lot about yourself and forgiveness through it all.

You'll turn around one day and realize that your son isn't a baby anymore. He's growing into a fine young man. He'll make you prouder than you ever knew possible and he'll fill your heart with so much love you'll think you're going to explode.

You're going to date another guy. Don't. Just don't. He'll disappoint you more than he'll love you. Okay, fine. Be stubborn. You learned some things about yourself through that. The guy who is "everything" will call you because he's heartbroken and single. You'll be his shoulder to cry on until he's talking about dating again. Suddenly you'll see an opportunity and you'll break up with that "other guy." You and Mr. "everything" will finally go out on a date (as friends, you think) and from then on you'll be inseparable. In fact *spoiler alert* you'll get engaged and married! He's your most important love because he's the missing piece in your life. He makes you and your son's life complete & bonus-your family loves him! He'll be your son's "greatest Christmas gift ever." True story.

You become part of a family and group of friends you never knew before but they'll love you (and you them) as if they're you're very own. They are now. You and your little family will live a life full of happiness. Sharing holiday traditions and making new ones. You'll love people you never knew before so hard. In fact, you'll learn to love life so hard because you're in a happier place now. Your 30's are where it's at! You've got a life that's perfect for you now.

P.S.-that college degree doesn't matter now. You've found your dream job as a mom and wife. You enjoy blogging & making jewelry & you think you want to do work in the area of therapy-like therapy animals. You're 33 and you still have no idea what you want to major in.

You have a sparkle in your eye that you can't seem to dim & a happiness that you try so hard to be contagious. You sprinkle your happiness like glitter everywhere. Don't ever stop. No matter what you do with your life, it'll make a difference in other's.

♡ Not to spoil things but your life turns out just fine. In fact, it's better than you've ever dreamed.

33 Year old Leslie

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