Bucket List Dreams.

Hi Peachies! I'm back with another blogtember challenge with Bailey @braveloveblog today.

Today's prompt is:10 items off your Bucket List. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!

At the beginning of the year I was seeing a lot of bloggers creating a 101 Goals in 1001 Days list. I tried for about 10 minutes and lost interest. Not that there aren't tons of things I'd love to do in my life but my heart just wasn't in it so I lost interest but this is a smaller scale so I can handle this!

My Bucket List is a mix of things I have done and want to do, still.

Leslie's Bucket List

1. Ride in a hot air balloon.
Okay, I've kind of done this. The picture ^ there is actually me, my Grandma, and my son in a hot air balloon but it was
tethered to the ground, meaning, we went up in it but didn't get to float away. I want to float away though.
They always do it on the Bachelor/Bachelorette and it seems so romantic.

2. Swim with Dolphins. Again, I did this when I was a kind but I was a little afraid. I want to really enjoy the experience.
Dolphins seem so peaceful and majestic.

3. Visit Greece. My brother and sister in law are doing this later this month and I can't wait to see pics and hear their stories
and experience.

4. Ride in a helicopter. I'm hoping we get to do this on our honeymoon in Hawaii next month!

5. Swim with sting rays. We did this in the Bahamas and it was such an amazing experience. They're pretty cool creatures and
I won't be mad if I get do this again in my life.

6. Run a color run or other fun 5k.

7. See a Broadway show on Broadway in NY & visit Serendipity, & Dylan's Candy Bar.

8. Work with the Make A Wish Foundation.

9. Own my own bakery that would also sell homemade cards, jewlery, candles, etc.

10. Make a list of books I want to read and read them all within a year.

I'd love to hear what's on your Bucket List?
What have you already done?

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  1. I would love to visit Greece! My husband is Greek and it would be so cool to visit where his family is from!

    1. Oh wow! That would be so awesome! My fiancee is from Puerto Rico and I'd love to go see where his family is from, too!


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